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How To Setup and Use Google Chromecast


It is certainly a great idea that you have eventually decided to get Google Chromecast for yourself. The little problem is that you may face challenges when it comes to setting up Google Chromecast and using it thereafter. This tutorial will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to setup your Chromecast and use it.

The great news is that Google recently announced the advent of the new model of Chromecast. There is something very unique about the new model. To begin with, the new model features a higher performance speed. In fact, the new model offers full support for faster 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. This means that the model is more advantageous as compared to the previous ones. Aside from that, the appearance of the new model is a bit more attractive than the previous one. You will undoubtedly love it.

Google_Chromecast_setupWithout further ado, here are things you should do to setup Google Chromecast and use it thereafter:

#Step 1

In order to begin the setup process, you will have to plug your Google Chromecast at the HDMI port in your TV. This simply means that if your TV does not have the HDMI port, it will be impossible for you to use the Chromecast. Ensure that you have firmly plugged in the Chromecast so as to avoid accidental disconnections.

#Step 2

The next thing that you should do is connecting the Micro-USB power cord into the Chromecast. This is something that you cannot fail to connect since the Chromecast is as good as useless without it. Again, you need to ensure that connection in this case is done as it should.

#Step 3

The third step is to activate the Wi-Fi function in your smartphone and later downloading the Chromecast App. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is stable enough to support flawless downloading of the said application. Also, ensure that you have downloaded the right Chromecast app since there are so many options with some of them being fake. Make sure that the app you are downloading is compatible with the Operating System of your phone. Keep the Wi-Fi connection active in your smartphone.

#Step 4

The next step is to synchronize your smartphone with the Chromecast. As long as the Wi-Fi connection remains active, you will be in a position to see the Chromecast. At this juncture, all you need to do is tapping on the setup button and allowing the Chromecast to connect.

#Step 5

Once you have tapped on the setup button, it will take a short moment after which you will be in a position to see an identifier code on your TV. You should then tap on the option ‘I See The Code’ on your smartphone to acknowledge connection. You are at liberty to change the name of the Chromecast to something that you will easily identify. Finally, you must ensure that your Wi-Fi network has been set up as it should in order to facilitate proper operation between the Chromecast and your smartphone.

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