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Google Allo vs WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger vs Snapchat


Google Allo vs WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger vs Snapchat

Today, we have several messaging chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Hike, WeChat, Line, and Google Hangouts. Recently, Google launched its messaging chat app, Allo for Android and iOS platforms that makes it one more to the list of already existing messenger apps. It is being pitted against the already established giants like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

So, how is Google’s Allo different from other messenger apps? The thing that differentiates Allo from other messenger apps is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help user conversations. Allo’s biggest asset is its integration with Google Assistant, the company’s conversational new virtual aid that can answer questions and make suggestions.

With the introduction of Allo, how would it fare against the messaging veterans like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? Is it really better than WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

Google Allo: With the backing of AI, Allo’s chatbot, Google Assistant offers its users brilliant web search facility and smart intuitive replies. Allo supports a feature called Smart Reply that pops up canned responses to incoming messages so users don’t have to spend time typing their replies to every message they receive. You can pull the Google Assistant in the middle of a chat, ask it to look up restaurants close by, or movie timings for later in the evening, or just play a game with the Assistant.


Google Allo also packs a lot of emojis and stickers that they can use to express themselves or add to conversations. The app gives users the ability to comment and scribble on photos and videos (Android only) before sending them along and has 25 sticker packs that were developed in collaborations with artists from around the world. Along with Gboard on iOS, a user can also send GIFs on Allo.

There’s also an Incognito chat mode for end-to-end encryption and the chats disappear after sometime. However, a user can make changes to the expiration time for each message in this Incognito mode. Groups chats are also supported on the app and a user can send an SMS for free to those who don’t have the Allo app. These replies from an SMS also come inside Allo.

Drawback: Google has decided not to encrypt any of the conversations that people carry on with Allo, making them easier to intercept and read. Google is apparently storing chats on its servers and not encrypting conversations because that makes it easier for Allo to learn from previous conversations, which in turn raises privacy concerns. Also, Google Allo doesn’t support file-sharing like WhatsApp or Telegram yet.

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