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Getting Use to Desktop App of Google Drive


getGoogle Drive is not the premiere cloud storage option for so many computer users over the past few years, thanks for its integration with all of the company’s most popular online services. But did you know you can also make use of your desktop like you are using that Drive?

This means no need to start opening up sluggish web browsers, or waiting on a sub-par Internet connection to get to the files you need. This guide will show you how to use Google Drive in the desktop app.

Downloading the Program

To download Drive for your desktop, you can find corresponding links one of two ways. The first can be found by navigating to your main Drive profile at “drive.google.com”, and clicking the “Get Drive for PC” button located in the bottom-right hand corner of your navigation menu.


The second way of download it is to visit the main download page (linked here), and clicking the “Get Drive for PC” button.


The text of this button will change depending on the machine that your web browser detects you’re working on, but just in case if things go wrong, you can select your specific download by opening up the drop down menu highlighted above.

Using Drive on Your Desktop

When the Drive app is installed, you’ll notice a few new icons floating around your taskbar, desktop, and File Explorer windows.


The desktop icon will link to the folder containing all your files, while the taskbar icon will show a hotlist of all the documents or spreadsheets you opened last.



Unless you download them yourself in a new window, all the files tied to your Google Drive folders will only be held in the local computer as links to the online version of Drive.


You also have to be aware that because these files aren’t actually stored locally, if you choose to delete a file in your file explorer, it will simultaneously be deleted from Google’s servers as well if your Drive trash is ever emptied.


As with any cloud storage, you’ll only be able to access its full features if your computer is connected to the internet. Once you’re out of connection, clicking on any files stored in the Google Drive folder will only link to a dead browser page.

Configuring Preferences

To get the preferences configured on your desktop Drive app, right click the Drive icon, located either in your Quick Access bar (Windows 10 users), or on the desktop icon.


From here navigate to the “Google Drive” option in the sub-menu, and choose the “Preferences” option located one menu beyond that.


Here you will have access to configure features like what folders or files Google Drive automatically syncs on your account, managing your account storage limit, and how Drive chooses to connect to Google’s central servers.

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