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Frontback Comes Back Mysteriously After Announcing It Would Be Shutting Down Soon


FrontbackFrontback is back after making an announcement last week that the company would be shutting down, the selfie app is fully back. It turns out the service isn’t going anywhere: late on Friday, the company announced that it had “signed an agreement with a partner,” keeping the app alive.

The application was launched in 2013 and it is based on simple idea. Instead of taking a picture of yourself, why not share a single photo that shows you and what is happening around you? Frontback work just like its name, the app uses the front and back cameras to take two photos at once. They’re then attached together for easy sharing on the app’s network or elsewhere.

The app quickly gained over 2million users but Founder Fredd della Faille said last week that it couldn’t build up a large enough user base to make the business work. He wrote in a blog post, “After discussions with our team and investors, we realized that we couldn’t reach the critical numbers that would make Frontback a sustainable social network.”

On friday the app made a mysterious come back, the announcement was made on its website but it didn’t reveal who is their new partner and the kind of deal was signed. It states that the partner “believes as much as we do that there‚Äôs something incredible with Frontback,” adding, “This partner is fully committed to make Frontback an even better place to share your moments.” It sounds like there will be some changes though, as the announcement continues on to state, “we were impressed by how much they understand the platform and we will help the new team to make the transition as smooth as possible.” The partner also apparently has “fresh ideas” for the future of Frontback.

Founder della Faille reveals that the new partner “will introduce themselves at the right time.” For now, he notes, “We’re very happy we found a solution for our community.” The lifeline also gives Frontback a second chance to prove that it wasn’t wrong to pass up a rumored $40 million acquisition offer from Twitter.

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