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Searching for Free Wi-Fi? These tips might help


I don’t know why some folks will still be expecting manners from heaven…lol. You did not like free things? Hee but it shouldn’t be an addict.

In case yo are among those looking for free Wi-Fi internet access probably because you have limited internet subscription in addition to huge data you do streams and downloads from online video site or probably you landed yourself in a location where your data network provider do not have coverage, then one opting for a free Wi-Fi will be the only option available.

free-wi-fiThe below tips will aid your search and finding, read on;

Using Instabridge

Mobile apps like Instabridge available free for both Android and iOS is a Wi-Fi password-sharing community that auto-connects to nearby networks. It has a database of 3 million hotspots, which sounds like a lot but really isn’t when you go abroad. WeFi Pro (free, Android), on the other hand, has over 200 million hotspots, and therefore has a better international presence.

The Loyalty Method

Even though most Wi-Fi are secured and password locked, yet there are many situation where you tend to get access to some of these Wi-Fi access if you purchase some product / services  from the owner most especially if it’s a coffee shops, service center, restaurants, hospitals etc.

Also, public transportation hubs like airports, train stations and bus stations do always have wi-fi access that is not protected and available to the public likewise tourist centres museum, parks etc. Libraries and public squares are also places one can get free Wi-Fi.

Searching Around Apple Store

Some places always have free Wi-Fi, no matter where you are in the world. My go-to spot for free Wi-Fi is the Apple Store — most major cities have at least one, where you’ll find an open network (you don’t even have to agree to a ToS), air conditioning and no pressure to buy anything.

If there’s no Apple Store in your area, Starbucks and McDonald’s also offer free Wi-Fi in almost all international locations.

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