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Ford Invented A Smart Crib That Replicates Car Rides For Babies


There’s something about long car rides that make it so easy to fall asleep — the repetitive passing patterns, subtle vibrations, the hum of the engine. Inspired by this notion, Ford has designed a bed that can simulate all those experiences. The only problem? It’s made for infant-sized humans.

Called the Max Motor Dreams, the crib contains LED lights that glow similarly to street lights, and has speakers at the bottom that can make muffled engine sounds for ambient noise. Naturally, it gently vibrates and rocks to mimic a ride in the backseat, and even comes with an app designed to track your car’s route so it can reproduce the movements from that drive for your baby.

The Max Motor Dreams appears to be mostly conceptual for now, with only one crib produced so far. No pricing information is available either, but Ford España is running a sweepstakes to give away the crib to one lucky winner, as long as they partake in a test drive of the Ford Max. Even though it’s clearly made for babies, I wouldn’t mind seeing an adult version of this bed — it seems more clever than most smart beds I’ve seen. Of course, as long as it doesn’t get hacked.

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