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Flickr Is Back With New Features And No Ads


flickrFlickr announced today the coming back of its Flickr pro subscription service. The premium service aimed at die-hard photographers is coming out with loads of features added, including enhanced insights and analytics.

In 2013, Yahoo offered all Flickr users 1 TB of free storage. The organisation had previously done away with its old Pro plan, and comes back with an ad-free version. However, the new plan Yahoo released today doesn’t only allow users to know the numbers of viewers, but also provide popular users with its flagship Pro badge, which had been discontinued.

Over the past year, Yahoo has made efforts to improve the reputation of its image and video hosting website. Few months ago, a completely new design changed app’s look and now Yahoo add new amazing features that empower Flickr users.

Other tech companies like Google and Facebook have been working on their photo services. Google photos was released for users with great features and Facebook modified its app with a user recognition feature. Yahoo aims at a more professional way to attract users to utilize its service, for which they are even ready to pay.

Users who are already using Flickr Pro will automatically recieve an update. Although users need to know that the new Flickr Pro is not offering any extra storage space.

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