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How To Use Low-Power Mode On iOS 9


One of the prime developments in the world of Apple gadgets is the Low Power Mode feature. This is not only a point of convenience among users, but also an advantage especially when spending time in a remote place. Any person can admit that phone battery life is among the major challenges in the mobile world. It is for this very reason that Apple has come forth with a feature to ensure that battery life is remarkably extended for the best service.
fix-ios-9-battery-issueSo, what is Low Power Mode feature on iOS 9 all about? This is an automatic features that is designed to ensure that your phone battery is not drained especially when charge level if below 20%. This is achieved through deactivation of some background running tools. In other words, only your regular and visible operations will be available for use when your iOS 9 gadgets is on Low Power mode.

Backlight is among the core things limited when low power mode is active. It is important to note that bright backlight can quickly drain your battery and that is why it has to be mild as soon as the power level hits below 20%. In addition, Internet connections and services are pretty demanding in terms of power consumption. The Low-Power mode gives you the room to limit the amount of energy consumed by streaming mails and alerts online.

The best part is that you can manually activate the Low-Power mode. This means that you can start saving on your battery power even before it comes below 20%. Here are steps you should follow in activating Low-Power mode manually:

#Step 1

Search for the settings of your iOS 9 device.  Upon tracing the settings, you should then scroll down until you find ‘Battery’. It is here that all settings with regard to your phone battery are found.

#Step 2

Tap on ‘Battery’ in order to access the hidden settings on the same. Right at the top of your screen, you will find a slide-switch option. This is where you are supposed to opt for activation or deactivation of Low-Power mode.

#Step 3

Slide the button to ‘On’. Doing so means that you have activated the Low-Battery mode. Once done with the process, you can comfortably use your phone without the worry of fast drain, as it would be the case when the app is deactivated.

So, what are some of the things that I should know about Low-Power Mode?

  • Low battery power does not limit consumption of energy 100%. The feature is just meant to reduce the rate at which battery power consumption goes.
  • Low battery power is considered best in cases where you are away from a power source yet in need to remain connected to your friends. The mode can be used ideally in remote places. The battery life of your phone is remarkably extended for a number of minutes or even an hour, thanks to the Low-Power mode.

Manual activation is ideal if you speculate that you will be spending more time away from your power source.

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