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Five Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Trojan Viruses On Your Computer


apple-laptop-763043Do your have Trojan viruses on your PC and you dont have enough money to buy a fancy anti-virus program to get rid of them?  You have nothing to fear, there are five easy ways to get rid of those virus on your computer for free.

Trojans are programs that get installed on your computer. If you happen to get one on your computer, can be nasty little buggers. They are installed to do one task but they usually take the form of an adware or spyware scanner and they will appear to scan. Trojans are very harmful on your computer and it is always hard to get rid of them but below are simple steps you can use to get rid of the Trojans on your computer for free.

Step 1
Scan your hard drive using AVG anti-virus program, AVG is a free online virus removal program, it is one anti-virus programs you can trust more than that anti-virus you would pay for. AVG can usually pick up and destroy Trojans with minimal fuss. It works with ease; when AVG is done scanning, it will bring up a list of malicious software on your hard drive. The virus removal will try to get rid of the viruses on your computer itself but sometimes it cannot and you will prompt you to place the viruses in a virus vault. The virus vault is a place the AVG uses to isolate the viruses that are on your hard drive, and keeps them from harming your computer. If this does not remove all of the Trojans on your hard drive, move on to step 2.

Step 2
Visit TrendMicro Housecall and make use of its free online virus scanner to get rid of the virus on you computer. Housecall is very good at picking up and removing the virus that AVG might not remove. When Housecall is done scanning, it will come up with the list of viruses on your computer. You will manually select and remove it. If this does not remove all the viruses on your PC, move on to step 3.

Step 3
Get a pin and jotter, write down the harmful files that the step one and two could not remove from the scans. The The scans will give you details on the files that the software is attached to, so writing down the name of the file and the location of the file is vital.

Step 4
Get set to delete the files manually. Sometimes, a Trojan virus will not allow you to delete it. If all the above steps did not work out, then you must be ready to be more drastic.

Step 5
Formatting your PC is a very good way to get rid of the Trojans on your hard drive for good. It is kind of drastic but allowing these trojans to stay longer on your hard drive can do harm to your hard drive. You leave vital information on your computer and the Trojan will download to your computer are there to steal your information so that people can use it against you.

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