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How to Find a Misplaced iPhone Using the Apple Watch


We are all misplaced our phones from time to time especially at home where we keep moving from one room to another. Misplacing your phone can be very frustrating when you want to make an urgent call, text or use an important features. It is even more frustrating if your phone was on silent mode before you misplaced it. What do you do when in such a situation? Do you turn your house upside down just to trace your phone? You have nothing to worry about when using an iPhone and Apple Watch.

iphone-with-apple-watchGetting Started
The ping feature in Apple Watch helps you trace your iPhone fast as long as you are connected to Wifi or Bluetooth. There must be at most 300-feet distance between your iPhone and Apple Watch for the ping feature to work if you are connecting via Bluetooth. Wifi connections also require such a short distance. This means, if you cannot trace your phone using this feature in Apple Watch, it is probably in another location far from where you are. The feature is still helpful because you will have eliminated your current location from your list of possible locations.

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How it Works
The first step when using Apple Watch to trace your iPhone is to swipe your Watch face to access Glances. While at Glances, explore all your options to the left until you find the Settings button. At the settings, tap on Ping option. Once you tap on ping, your phone will make a loud sound. Your iPhone produces the sound even if it was on silent mode. You can easily trace the sound and locate your phone. When you tap and hold on to the ping button, your iPhone flashes its LED light. This feature helps a deaf or partially deaf person who cannot rely on the sound to trace the phone.

One advantage of using Apple Watch is that it takes less time to trace your phone than when using other online options. For instance, Apple Watch is faster than Find My iPhone online. One major disadvantage of pinging is the distance limitation.

You cannot use it if the distance between your iPhone and Apple Watch is large. You may have to rely on online options to trace your phone. Apple Watch may not assist a deaf person if the phone is hidden in a way that they cannot see the flash light.

Sometimes an iPhone does not produce a sound when you tap the ping button once. Tap on the button several times until you hear a sound or see the light. If after many attempts there is still no sound, then your iPhone is in another location.

You might also need to walk around your home or office when tapping just in case your iPhone is further from your Apple Watch than required. If you easily forget your phone or have more than one phone, you need to consider buying an iPhone and Apple Watch. You will not need to worry or feel insecure about your iPhone’s location. You can still use the ping feature just to confirm that your phone is near you or at the place you last kept it.

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