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Basic Facts About Computer Networks


Computer networking is the act of connecting or joining more two or more computer devices like the desktop, laptops, tablet PC, smartphones etc together to share files and resources, working remotely to achieve targeted aim and purpose.

computer network system
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Network management and system administration are critical for a complex system of interconnected computers and resources to remain operating. A network manager is the person or team of people responsible for configuring the network so that it runs efficiently.

For example, the network manager might need to connect computers that communicate frequently to reduce interference with other computers. The system administrator is the person or team of people responsible for configuring the computer and its software to use the network. For example, the system administrator may install network software and configure a server’s file system so client computers can access shared files.

Networks are subject to hacking, or illegal access, so shared files and resources must be protected. A network intruder could hacksĀ into data being transfer across a network or send fictitious messages.

For sensitive information, data encryption (scrambling data using mathematical equations) renders captured packets unreadable to an intruder. Most servers also use authentication schemes to ensure that a request to read or write files or to use resources is from a legitimate client and not from an intruder.

The largest computer network in the world is “the internet”

Example of computer network medium are cable / wired network (twisted pair, coaxial and fiber optics), wireless network (WLAN, bluetooth, Infrared etc)

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