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How to Customize Your Facebook Page for More Visitors and Engagement


Having just a website is not sufficient nowadays for your business. Social media presence and engagement is an effective strategy and tool deployed these days to achieve maximum ROI irrespective of the kind of business one is into. Facebook marketing is one aspect that should be the first to consider as long as social media marketing is concerned before others like Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Instagram and others can follow. Creating a facebook page for your business or services is as simple as ABC.

fb-pageAnother effective Facebook strategy is to customize your Facebook page in order to increase the number of your visitors. Although it’s not very easy to boost Facebook Page, the strategies listed below can help you.

Strategy #1 Create a vanity URL

Vanity URL also called custom URL or Usernames are special unique URL which will be preceded immediately after the Facebook.com/. Facebook requires most page categories to have gotten at least 25 fans likes to be able to set a custom URL. This step is always important in Facebook marketing. Being the first racer in the relay race is also essential. No matter how much faster the other racers are, if the first racer is slow, you are most likely to lose the race. Create an easily shared, easier to find and more recognizable vanity URL. Your page must look more professional than the others, but still remain simple.

Strategy #2. Create a “Welcome” Page

Generating a custom “Welcome” page is a good strategy. Just go to the ‘create a custom tab’ and create a new ‘welcome’ page. Having this page encourages visitors to ‘Like’ your brand. You can also set your ’welcome page‘ as your ‘Default Landing Tab’. A far better marketing strategy is to install HubSpot’s Welcome App, which also provides visitors with a form that can convert them into leads within Facebook.

Strategy #3. Use pictures

Logos are commonly used but a photo is more creative. Use an eye-catching image with a beautiful design to attract visitors’ attention. Make sure your photo appears on every page when a visitor clicks. Your photo should also work as a thumbnail. Use a photo with an appropriate size; otherwise, Facebook will automatically resize it, which may lead to a blurred photo.

Remember to go visual. An infographic or a slideshare presentation is a good marketing strategy. Nevertheless, if you are a good writer, do not forget to write something highly interesting and that compels people to share.

Strategy #4. Hostcontests, promotions, and giveaways

Contests, promotions and giveaways have emerged as a magnificent way to boost marketing page. Still, remember to read the guidelines released by Facebook because some of these are strict. Not every promotion in the world gives the best results. The best marketing strategy is to develop incredibly new and interesting content, products or services.

You can create a contest using the Wildfire app, which will then be accessible via a custom tab on your Facebook page. You can also make it accessible through your company’s website. Wildfire has worked closely with Facebook to create an app that easily enables you to create Facebook marketing campaigns.

Strategy #5. Target your posts

Having targeted posts is an important Facebook strategy. Posting your ads, contests or other content randomly is just a waste of money and time and may not solicit the expected results. Customize your posts according to the appropriate location, language, demographics or age. Google+’s circles comes with a feature that enables users to customize who can see their posts. Personalization always leads to more involvement, larger impact and better results.

Strategy #6. Create custom tabs

Create custom tabs to boost Facebook page and to feature whatever you want –product information, customer testimonials and case studies, featured content, etc.– and to publicize your social media presence in other channels.

Strategy #7. Make your post viral

Go for an extensive study of some of the recent posts that became viral. This will help you in understanding which type of posts is liked most by people. Try to find out the taste according to gender, age, region or any other criteria. Design a post accordingly and watch it go viral.

Strategy #8. Don’t limit your efforts to just one platform

Don’t limit your efforts in online marketing. Make videos, represent yourself on different social media platforms, and create podcast, etc. You can also write guest articles for other blogs; this is one of the most effective Facebook Marketing strategies but is still underestimated and underused.This strategy could help you build your own audience.

Strategy #9.  Interview someone

Interviewing is a new form of Facebook marketing so conduct an exciting interview. The interviewee will probably share if you do a great job.

Customizing your Facebook page for more visitors is not only a good Facebook marketing practice. It also helps you enhance the inflow of and boost your Facebook Page. Don’t waste time. Try it NOW!

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