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Extend Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life with these 5 Tricks


Just like with any other mobile device that runs on rechargeable battery, your Samsung Galaxy S6 is due to facing battery life problem as you use and runs some high end application like Wifi, Gaming etc. Do you want to boost or increase the battery life of your Galaxy S6? The 5 tricks listed below will surely solve go a long way in preserving your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life just like with any other mobile device

galaxy-s6-battery-lifeThe Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest update, and it is being loved by many users too. However, the battery is running out due to the auto enabling of certain features. So, to overcome your battery issue, I have gathered the top 5 tactics which will definitely help you to save battery life of your S6.

5 Tips to Save Energy of Your Samsung Galaxy S6 and other Mobile Phone

1. Enabling Power Saving Mode – Ultra Battery Saving Mode

This is another trick which must be quiet common for many of you and I would also recommend you to enable this feature for your Samsung Galaxy S6. When you’ll enable it for your phone then it will automatically adjust the settings of your phone which will ultimately help you to save the battery life of your phone.

Additionally, the battery saving mode of S6 is far more powerful than others saving’s mode. It actually helps you to save your phone’s battery. To enable this follow these steps:

Go to Settings >> Battery >> Now tap on Ultra Battery Saving Mode.

2. Turn off VoLTE

This is for the United States users and the users where VoLTE is enabled by default. If you are the one where VoLTE works then you must turn it off. Since, it is recorded that in S6, the VoLTE is playing its role to drain its battery life. So, I would recommend you to turn it off for your S6 and for that follow these steps;

You need to go to Settings >> WiFi >> More and then tap on Smart Network and Switch it Off.

3. Disable Pre Installed Apps

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes up with certain kind of apps which are being pre installed there. If you don’t like those app then to disable them would be a sensible move.  As if you will not disable those apps then it would keep on updating those app and we all know that such updates will consume battery life.

That is why, I am suggesting you to disable those apps from your side if you are not using them. You simply need to search out for those app, which would be around 15 apps, and then disable them if you don’t want them for your phone.

4. Update Samsung Push Service

This  an official update by Samsung which is being proven helpful to save the battery life of your S6. You can easily install this update for your phone from Google Play Store. Ones it is installed then it will automatically fix the battery life issue of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Install this app for your S6 from this Link

5. Turn Off Extra Features

The last trick which you need to apply and can easily save the battery life of your newly bought Samsung Galaxy S6 is by disabling the all extra features of your phone. The extra features may be Bluetooth, WiFi, Radio, Extra Gestures and other useless features which you are not using for time being.

If you are not using these features and still they are enabled then it start consuming or keep searching for related mean which will cause the battery consumption for sure and will drain out the battery of your phone for sure. So, I would recommend you to keep those features off if you are not using them.

Finally: The above listed tricks if applied on your Galaxy S6 or any other mobile device, tends to increases your device battery life span. If you enjoy this article, feel free to share with your friends and comment below.

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