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Evoplus Car Charger Bluetooth Handset


Perhaps you are looking for a device that is universal enough to charge your phone, to help you pick calls while driving, and do other such things. Well, Evoplus Bluetooth for Car is a perfect choice for that. This is not juts any other device. It is a companion that any driver needs. It comes with a number of features that work collectively to facilitate total convenience even when in remote areas.

In terms of quality, this Bluetooth handset is definitely on the upper side. It is a product of Evoplus, one of the leading producers of tech gadgets in the world. In this regard, you are assured that this device will serve you for a very long duration without the slightest hitch.

Evoplus Car Charger Bluetooth Handset 2Here are among others, the key features that make Evoplus Bluetooth Charger Handset the best:

Compact Size

This comes as a feature of convenience to any user. Why? With a small Bluetooth handset, you can hardly face trouble carrying it around. In fact, one hardly realizes the weight and presence of the said device. The manufacturer and designer of the device squarely understands that the handset is meant to be used anywhere, hence the small size of it. In this regard, you have the assurance that the device is not in any way an inconvenience when ferried around since it is totally portable.

Dual USB Connection

Another feature of convenience that comes with this device is the dual USB ports. In short, you can connect two devices to the handset with the help of USB cables. If for instance you intend to charge your mobile phone with the help of the Bluetooth handset, you can simply connect your USB cable. As if that is not enough, you can also connect another phone to the second USB port. Note that the USB ports are not only meant for cable use. They are universal ports, hence can be used with other connections as long as they are USB based.

Charging Feature

Some may be asking if the Bluetooth handset has to be charged before using it in the car. Well, the good thing is that the handset can be charged right in the car. It comes with a feature which allows direct connection to the car charging system. In this regard, you can charge the handset on the go. As long as your car remains started, the handset keeps charging. You can therefore not be disconnected on grounds of lack of charge.

Universal Compatibility

We cannot fail to mention that this Bluetooth handset is compatible with different operating systems and devices. This is one of the friendliest features that the device has. You will be interested to know that all android devices as well as those that operate under iOS are compatible with this Bluetooth handset. This means that you and your friends can share the device without any worry that any of their devices will not be compatible with it. One of the greatest assurances is that no connection problems are experienced on grounds of incompatibility.

Long Battery Life

Considering that this handset uses power to facilitate connection, there is every reason to worry about the duration that it takes for the device to go off after power exhaustion. However, in this case there is no need to worry. This is for the simple fact that the life of the internal battery that comes with the device is long enough to facilitate undisrupted connection. You therefore do not need to keep the device under charge all along. It can be used even out of the car since the battery it carries can serve for a long time. Clearly, this feature is of total convenience.

Hands-free Microphone

iPhone users are on the lucky side, thanks to this feature, you will like the fact that this Bluetooth handset comes with a hands-free microphone for iPhone users. This means that you do not have to operate the microphone in any way for you to be connected. Like earlier noted, the microphone is hands-free.


From all indications, it is clear that this is the best Bluetooth handset that you can ever have in your car. The features enlisted above are definitely the best. You are assured of utmost convenience when using this handset even in remote areas. Get more discounted products by Evoplus here.

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