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10 Things You No Longer Need Because of Your Smartphone


Since the arrival of smartphones, a lot has changed. Dozens of gadgets that were like the lifeblood of the budding technology are now considered obsolete.

the-evolution-of-smartphonesIn retrospect, we had maps for directions; real watches for checking time; and, yea, a cellphone with real buttons for actual dialing to make calls. Remember using a compass to find directions; or a notebook to save your contacts?

Still, some of these products may be found on specific niche stores, but rarely will you find them being produced for a mass-market.

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With that in mind, we can refresh our mind, chew over the hazy days, and honor some of the gadgets and technologies that were once considered a social mainstay before smartphones came and spoilt the fun.

Fax Machines

Fax machines were outmoded that very moment smartphones arrived with a new wrinkle, the e-fax. Unlike the traditional fax machines, e-fax allowed us to send faxes to emails, which we could read by just opening our email inboxes instead of relying on fax machines. Besides being way faster, e-fax was cheaper and very reliable. Now with the prevalence of instant messenger apps, improved email-services, and scanning apps such as QR code reader, who still needs a fax machine in 2015?


Most of you youngsters know nothing about rolodex. The large, clumsy rotating device that companies used to store contact information; but who still needs that when you can store an even larger list of contacts in a smartphone?

A pager

Remember, that time when decking up your belt with a pager was the epitome of coolness? Classy huh… People not only wore it to signal wealth, but for prestige purposes as well. As of today you’ll only find pagers in hospitals. But wear it anywhere else, and you risk appearing backwards.

A Day-Timer

Ever heard of a Day-Timer? If not, then you’re probably too young to understand how far we’ve come with technology. In brief, the Day-Timer was the only way we knew how to plan our day or keep track of our busy schedules. That was long before smartphones arrived with a long chain of schedule planner apps that somehow made it extinct.


Atlas is not a new word. Simply put, it’s a book that arrives with large collection of maps that was once a must-have for anyone with a peripatetic lifestyle. They were the only reference we could turn to for directions. Then Google maps came, followed shortly by MapQuest, GPS and Apple maps, and, bam, atlases lost all their relevance!


Realistically speaking, who needs a camcorder in 2015 when a huge chunk of smartphones can double as camcorders? Unless you’re paranoid about putting your smartphone at risk, a smartphone with good camera features can just be as effective as the best camcorder in the market today.

Portable Media players

You definitely remember the portable audio cassette players. Sony’s Walkman, mp3 players, you name them. But that was then. Nowadays all you need is a 64 or more GB smartphone and you’re set to enjoy thousands of your favorite tunes on the go without carrying a bag-full of radio cassettes and Blu-ray discs.

Blu-ray discs

What’s the need of keeping a huge collection of Blu-ray discs when you’re certain you won’t be using them? Why keep them when you can stream any movie on Netflix using your smartphone; or load all your favorite tunes directly to your smartphone or SD card?


There are lots of people who’ve chosen to be the monkey’s uncle at whim. To such, a cellphone should just be that—a gadget that facilitates communications; nothing extraneous. But why buy a non-smartphone when you can get a low-budget smartphone with better capabilities at almost the same price range?

Voice Recorders

Smartphones came and made voice recording a breeze and more vibrant. Thanks to the inbuilt microphones, we no longer need to worry about radio cassettes, tangled microphone cords, noisy moving parts, and garbled sounds.

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In Conclusion, Smartphones has played a major roll in information dissemination and capturing, with a smartphone in your pocket, the world is at your fingertip. Feel free to tweet and share this article with your loved ones or add your idea / opinion via the comment box below.

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