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How to enable pretty SEO friendly URL for Opencart


IF you have ever installed opencart or familiar with the CMS, you will also notice and get familiar with it not so good URL slug attached to any link like the product and category slug at the back of your domain. They not good and friendly to human reading likewise SEO might find it hard indexing pages on your site using such odd ugly slug.

For example, you get something like the below before enabling the SEO friendly URL


And a nice easily readable and SEO friendly URL below after enabling the feature below


Follow the steps below to enable an SEO friendly URL for your store

Login to your OpenCart admin panel. In your browser address bar type http://yourdomain.com/admin. If you have installed your Opencart under a subfolder “store” for an example the above URL will change to http://yourdomain.com/store/admin 

capture13Go to System >> Settings and click Edit button

Under the Server tab, tick to set Use SEO URL’s to Yes and Save the changes.
capture15NB: mod_rewrite must be installed on your hosting account. You should contact your hosting provider and ask them if it is installed on your account.

Log on to your root server via FTP using any FTP manager.

Find .htaccess.txt file in your store root directory folder and rename it to .htaccess

RewriteBase /opencart

Now we should add SEO Keyword to each category and product in your store.
Note: do not use spaces and make sure that keyword in unique. You can not use the same keyword for products or categories. Each keyword should be unique.

Navigate to Catalog > Products to update products SEO Keyword

You should edit product, select Data tab and fill in SEO Keyword field.

To add category SEO Keywords you should edit each category under Catalog > Categories, select Data tab and update SEO Keyword field.

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