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How to Enable Night Clock on Your Galaxy Note Edge


All phones, including those that existed way before the era of smartphones, have one universal use—showing time; which, in most cases, is usually shown on the upper-right section of your screen every time you turn your phone on. One catch though—let’s say you have the phone’s screen turned off and you need to check the time. For a typical phone, you’ll first have to light the whole screen, which may be inconvenient at night when you’re asleep and you need to see what time it is.

The designers of the Galaxy Note edge pictured the sticky situation ahead of time while designing the handset; and, as such, decided to save you the trouble by creating a small side screen on the handset to specifically function as a night clock. Once you have the feature enabled on your handset, date and time will be displayed at the side of your handset in accordance to the time you’ve specified.

How to Enable Night Clock on Your Galaxy Note Edge

Step one

First head to your phone’s home screen then swipe the arrow icon at the bottom left side of your screen up. Now go ahead and tap on “setting” to view the phone’s screen settings.

capture23Step two

Next, tap on “night clock” from the list of items presented. Then in the night clock page, tap on “switch” to have the feature turned on. After that, you can drag the “start” marker at the top of the screen to the time you want the clock to start showing, and the “end” marker to the time you want it to stop.

capture24Step three

Success! The night clock feature on your Galaxy edge is activated. At the start of the chosen time, a low light clock will pop up at the side of your Galaxy Note edge, displaying the current date and time without lighting the main screen.

There are a few things to take note though:

One, the Night Clock feature cover a maximum duration of 12 hours only. You can’t therefore set the time frame beyond the 12-hour limit.

Two, the feature uses a very small amount of the juice in your phone. But whenever the battery goes below 15 percent, the feature will be automatically disabled. Meaning, you have to recharge your phone when the battery level falls below 20 percent to be certain the Night Clock will pop into display when the time you’ve set comes.


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