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How to Setup and Disable Email Notifications in Windows 10


One of the basic things that you should know when operating your Windows 10 computer is how to enable and disable email notifications. For some reasons, you might consider deactivating the notifications that stream in your computer in the name of emails. For some reasons also, you might want to activate the same. At this juncture, you need ample knowledge in that front to ensure that activation and deactivation of email notifications is done easily.

How to Setup and Disable Email Notifications in Windows 10One of the things that Windows 10 has fully facilitated is reception of emails directly to your computer. This is certainly something very unique and embraceable. If you wish to enable or disable notifications, you can do so by following simple steps as follows:

#Step 1

Start by tracing the settings of your computer. Clicking on the start-menu button can do this. A list of different options will be presented, among them being ‘settings’. It is the ‘Settings’ option that bears all the details with regard to activation and deactivation of the email notifications.

#Step 2

Upon clicking settings, you will be presented with a dialog box with other settings preferences. One of the dialog box present is ‘System’. Under the box is a highlight of what it contains including display, notifications, apps, and power. Since you are interested in ‘notifications’, then you should just click on this particular dialog box.

#Step 3

Clicking on the ‘System’ dialog box should take you to further preferences. It is at this point that you are supposed to trace the notification section and make the respective adjustments. Aside from the highlighted options in the main dialog box, you will also find other things such as tablet mode, and multitasking. Your interest should be on notifications though.

One of the options in this case is ‘Notifications & Actions’. This is the option that you should click on. Doing so should provide you with some additional options by the right-hand side labeled ‘quick actions’. Just below the ‘Turn System Icons On or Off’, there are some slide buttons.

#Step 4

Some of these slide buttons are very vital in activation and deactivation of the email notifications. One of the buttons is labeled ‘show app notifications’. This is the specific button that you should utilize to ensure that you either receive or not receive notifications on your emails. Use your mouse to move the button to the respective side to either enable or disable notifications. Moving it to the right means that you have activated notifications and vice versa.

Note: It is very important to also note that among the said buttons, there is one that allows you to either activate notification icons on your lock screen or better still deactivate them. This function is very important and should be considered as such. Activating your email notifications means that you will also require the respective icons in your lock screen. Deactivation of the notifications means that you will not need the icons.

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