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Elephone P6000 Pro and P8000 Smartphone Specs and Price


I know that you are the kind of person who loves new smartphone releases. There would be nothing wrong in trying Elephone smartphone. This is one of the latest releases whose advent in the market can only be termed massive. The phone comes as an integration of features that can in one way or the other facilitate best experience for the user.

elephone_p8000There is a lot of uniqueness in Elephone Smartphones and this is exactly why you should consider getting yours. It is just incredible to know that the manufacturer of this smartphone has taken everything to a whole new level. The best part of it is that the price deal of these smartphones is favorable to any person’s pocket. Ragging behind in the old smartphones is entirely your fault since Elephone is here to make things better.

Below are among the specifications that you will like about this one-of-a-kind smartphone.

Top Quality, Large Screen

It is pretty obvious that you will have to check the screen of any smartphone before procurement. Now, this is something that has already been catered for by Elephone Smartphones manufacturer. The screens that come with different Elephone smartphone models are simply of high quality. Not to mention, the screens are large enough to ensure that you are provided with the best display. Elephone P8000 comes with a 5.5-inch screen, while P6000 comes with a 5.0-inch screen.

Processing Power

How do you like a smartphone with the famous Octa Core processor? It is definitely incredible. With speeds of up to 1.5 GHz, it is indeed an assurance of flawless operation and response. The performance of the phone is made perfect, thanks to the powerful processor.

Incredibly Large Storage Memory

Who does not like large memory in a smartphone? I guess none. One of the commanding features that Elephone smartphones have is the large memory. Both Elephone P6000 and P8000 come with an internal memory of 16GB. In addition, their RAMs are 2GB and 3GB respectively. If your worry is on Memory, then you are in the right direction opting for Eleophone

Android OS

If you have never had a glimpse of android 5.1, it is about time you enjoyed it with Elephone Smartphone. The phone operates under android 5.1, which happens to be among the latest in the android world. The interface, graphics, reception, response and everything else about the OS are simply the best.

Front and Rear Camera

It does not matter if you are a selfie fanatic or not. Elephone has the camera that any person would yearn for. With both rear and front cameras, it is for you to choose the manner in which you want to take your snapshots. The interesting thing about the cameras is that they are incredibly powerful. Elephano P6000 comes with a 13.0 mp rear camera while the front one is 2.0 mp. You must agree with me that the cameras are indeed powerful. Crystal clear images are assured.


It goes without saying that you will require sharing files with your friends. Better still, you will require linking your Bluetooth headset with your phone. Now, this is something that the manufacturer of Elephone took intoto account. You will certainly like the fact that these smartphones come with bloetooth 4.0. With the feature, file transfer is made easy and fast.

Battery Life

The kind of battery that comes with Elephone smartphone has the capacity to support for 8 hours without running out. I guess you are not about to find such a battery in any other smartphone out there.

Price Life and Availability

All series of the Elephone are currently available at a massive discounted price from Gearbest.

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