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Easy Steps On How To Pair and Set Up Your LG Smartphone


It is a good thing that you finally got yourself an LG smart watch. Well, the feeling is indeed good considering that James Bond himself moves around with this watch. The problem is that you may not enjoy the goodness of this watch until you understand the pairing and setting up of the same. After all, the communication in the smart watch will only be possible when you pair it with your LG smartphone.

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The best thing about paring and setting up your smart watch is not a complicated process. It takes a matter of minutes and everything is done. As long as you follow all the provided steps, then pairing in this case will not be a problem at all.

lg-smartphoneBelow are very simple steps on how to set up and pair your LG smart Watch:

#Step 1

Turn on your LG smart watch. In most cases, you will have to charge the phone especially if you just got it from the store. The on/off button are clearly labeled on the watch hence it will not be a hassle to find them.

#Step 2

The next step is to download an Android Wear into your LG smartphone. It is very important and mandatory to ensure that the Bluetooth on the phone is on.

#Step 3

Once you have downloaded the application, it is now time to open it. You will be provided with onscreen instructions to guide you on how to go about the configuration process. In case you failed to open your Bluetooth, a pop up option will be prompted to enable you open it at this point.

#Step 4

Search for the available devices using your Bluetooth function on the phone. In the searching process, you will find your LG smart watch as one of the devices that can be paired. Go for the option that allows you to pair your watch with your smartphone.

#Step 5

Once you have selected the watch as one of the devices to pair with, a pairing code will be generated on both devices (watch and phone). In this case, you should ensure that the codes match. If the codes match in all aspects, then touch on ‘pair’ on your watch and phone. The process of pairing may take several minutes hence you should not be hasty. A confirmation message will reflect on your phone notifying you that the pairing process was successful.

#Step 6

Considering that this is a smart watch, you will be provided with options to make the necessary updates. You might want to connect to a Wi-Fi source since the updates may consume your limited data too fast. Aside from making the necessary updates, you will also be prompted to set up notifications on the phone. This is where you are supposed to decide on the notifications to show up in your watch and those that should not.

#Step 7

The final step is to set up your Google application. In this case, you will be prompted to make all Internet settings with the help of Google app. In case you are not prompted to enable your Google app, then you should know that it is already enabled/installed.

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