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Don’t expect the Galaxy Note 5 soon – Samsung CEO


According t0 Samsung CEO, J.K. Shin, the ongoing rumors about the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 are nothing but mere speculation without facts and not originated from Samsung. Earlier reports suggested the Galaxy S6 is doing underwhelming on the market. The rumors continued that the low sales may lead to early release of the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 this July and thus beating the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. The latter was lined with another rumor for Samsung showcasing Note 5 prototypes to its partners.

J.K. ShinThe Samsung boss denies the rumors officially, also saying the Galaxy S6 is doing great on the market, its sales have recently surpassed the 10 million units milestone. As far as the Galaxy Note 5 is concerned J.K. Shin denied Samsung sending prototypes to partners in order to prep them for an early release. It seems Samsung won’t be changing its September cycle.

So, Samsung seems to be happy with its Galaxies performance and won’t be doing things differently this year, at least for now. A recent report suggested Samsung may be introducing another curved screen device this summer, which won’t be an S6 or Note 5. Maybe Samsung still wants be ready for Apple’s announcement like it did with the Galaxy Alpha. Time will tell if this were real rumours or market strategy to control boost and control products sales.

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