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Cyber Cafe Set Up And Successful Management in Nigeria


cyber-cafe-in-nigeriaInternet Cafe popularly known as Cyber Cafe serves as major entry point to access the internet before 2010 in Nigeria when internet access and cost was still little high but now almost every tom, dick n harry has mobile access to internet via his/her cellphone which is pretty cheap and affordable, and that keeps the debate of whether cyber cafe is still profitable as a business venture or are they really dead and non functional again?

Personally i don’t see cyber cafe as dead or going into extinction that fast as they still very much present in advanced countries but the challenge there is those still present that ready to make profit in the business much face the current challenges and convert any loophole into profit maximization.

Below i have research and listed 10 guidelines that should be employ by anyone trying to venture into the cyber cafe business and successfully run it in Nigeria.

Step #1 Creating a Business Plan

As with every business, the very first thing you should do when setting up cyber cafe is to create a business plan. A business plan is an essential part of the process in any business. If you want to raise capital, no investor or financial company will support you without a proper outlined business plan. More so a good business plan will assist you to clarify your thinking and alert you to challenges that lie ahead.

Step #2 Choosing a Location

The location where your internet cafe is situated really matter a lot. Choosing a good and lucrative location can lead directly to a successful business, while a bad location can also lead directly to failure of the business. Note that locations near schools or colleges is a good tip because students are always busy on the internet.
Also heavy traffic and accessible locations with parking space is a good avenue for an internet café business.

Step #3 Create an Environment

Next step in setting up your internet cafe is deciding on what kind of internet environment you want to create. Do you want to create a hip hangout, a relaxed comfortable settings or a fast paced environment? Take note of some important things you should consider; designs/decorations and additional services you want to offer.

Step #4 Buy the right Equipment

Computer systems(should high end and fast systems)
Internet Access(should be high-speed broadband)
Networks connectivity devices(cable, switch, router, printer, scanner etc)

Step #5 Setting up a LAN Network

You will need the service of a technician , a cisco certified networker should always handle such task for your local area connection setup and internet connection.

Step #6 Purchase an Internet Management system

After you have networks your system and up running , you then purchase a reliable internet management system i.e the timer software. Don’t always go with the free or trial version as those have limitation.

Step #7 Determine Your Charge Rate

Be strict and friendly in this area and also depending on your total cost and the outfit of your internet café . Things you should keep in mind when creating a price structure. Internet access is becoming a lot more affordable and more people have internet access at their homes.
Also compare your prices to your competitors. You do not have to copy your competitor’s pricing structure exactly but use it as a reference guide.

Step #8 Promote your Cyber Cafe

Marketing and promotional strategy always help a lot attracting customers like giving bonus, advertising, distributing hand bills.

Step #9 Stay updated

When you own and operate cyber cafe, you should always stay updated with new technology like installing the latest application software on your computers system, antivirus update etc.

Step #10 Retain Customer

Once you have the internet café open for business, you will need to adopt a strategy to retain you customers as well as attract new ones. A good suggestion is for you to give discount to your customer as well as create a loyalty system plan and employ a good public relation.

Do you intend to run a cyber cafe soon or about to? our team of specialist can be of help in a more detailed analysis and physical setting up, do get in touch via the comment or contact form to reach us.



  1. Hello Emmy, How will i setup a cyber cafe with the aim of getting capital from my present job as i computer operator with the salary of 20,000 naira monthly?

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