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How To Convert WMA to MP3 with Cloud Convert


cloud-convert-mytechportal.com-01Having your audio / songs in MP3 formats is the best as almost every media devices can read and play MP3 format. Converting audio files from other formats to MP3 is no new thing as there are lots of program both paid and free that does a nice job even some online converting website also performs such functions. But today i will be talking about Cloud Convert.

Cloud Convert as the name goes is a cloud based audio files converting website that converts between one audio files format to any other. The company¬†Lunaweb Ltd behind Cloud Convert put its slogan as “Convert anything to anything” and they’ve proved it. Cloud convert support over 200 formats also have the ability to store your converted files to dropbox, google drive or microsoft onedrive.


Head to to www.cloudconvert.org



Select the files you did like to convert from your PC, drop box, google drive or onebox



Specified the output conversion, that is the format you are converting to either one by one clicking on the little drop down arrow beside the default format to chose the format you want or scroll down and chose a format to applied to all files specified. Next you can also toggle the conversion option like the audio codec, bitrate, channel and frequency via the little spanner icon.

Next: You specified the output folder, that is where your converted media will be store to, you have the option of dropbox, google drive and onebox but for real you will have connected any of these cloud storage provider to your cloud convert account.



Now click on the “start conversion” button, allow all files to complete conversion, you also have option to download directly to your PC or download from any of the connected cloud storage account.



I hope this help and speed audio files format conversion stuff. Let me know via the comment box if you have any other cloud converting program that is recommendable and also works fine like cloud convert.

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