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How To Connect Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone


Just like any other Apple’s device, the ability and power to be able to interconnect Apple’s devices together for synchronization and sharing of resources is almost a must and can’t do without. Do you intend to setup Apple Watch with your iPhone? Then this tutorial is for you as it analyzes in detailed procedure how to go about it.

Apple-watch-with-iphoneSo, for that you first need to setup it with your iPhone and then it will be complete functional. If you are the one who have bought your Apple watch and now want to setup it with your iPhone then this guide is just for you. Simply go through the steps and you are all the way through it.

Procedures: Follow the procedures below in step by step and read over if you stock in one point to get over it. After done with the tutorial, you can now move over to the practical steps.

  • First of all, turn On your Apple watch by pressing and holding Side button under Digital Crown.
  • Ones it is turned on then it will ask you to set language for your Apple watch. You may select any language according to your preferences (English is preferred).
  • Afterwards, it will prompt a message “Open the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone and Start Pairing.
  • Then you need to take your iPhone and then launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone and then tap onStart Pairing.
  • Now, hold your Apple watch in front of iPhone’s camera and then Align it correctly using viewfinder, which will be yellow lines.
  • Pair-Apple-WatchOnes Apple watch is successfully paired then tap on Set up Apple Watch.
  • Afterwards, tap on Right or Left, these positions will let Apple know that on which arm you wear watch.
  • Then it will ask you to Agree Terms and Conditions, tap on Agree to proceed.
  • After that, it will ask you to login using your Apple ID. Provide the required details to login to your Apple account.
  • Furthermore, it will give you some location information, you need to tap on OK to proceed and then some other information will be provided about Siri, you again need to tap on OK to proceed.
  • Afterwards, tap on Automatically Send or Don’t Send.
  • Now, you need to tap on Create a Passcode in order to create 4 Digit simple passcode for your Apple Watch. You may also tap on Long Passcode in order to give long passcode. Ones you have given the passcode then tap on Yes. Then it will remain unlocked until you are wearing it.
  • Now if you want to install all your iPhone apps on your Apple Watch then tap on Install All or else tap onChoose Later in order to install them later on.

Install-AppsThat explain it all, so go and setup your Apple Watch with your iPhone to synchronize data.

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