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Common Power Problem in Computer and Tips to Prevention


The supply and flow of power to the computer system most especially the desktop computer is an important consideration when performing maintenance or troubleshooting procedures, however many things can go wrong with the power supply to your home or office. The power could suddenly decrease, increase or be cut off totally or rather the power can contain noise due to electro magnetic interference (EMI).

A Typical Desktop Computer Power Pack

To keep the computer functioning properly, one need to be able to recognize signs of power problems and make the proper use of devices that can help control the flow of electricity likewise personal safety is also important issue as many of the things that keep the computer functioning properly such as adequate voltage and lasers can cause harm to the user.

Moreover computers contain many components that if not disposed off properly can contaminate the ground, water or other part of the environment.

Tips in Preventing Computer Power Problem

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) can be used to prevent or remedy some or all of the above power issues in desktop computer cass. A typical UPS has a battery that provides temporary backup power in the case of a blackout. This backup gives users enough time to properly save their work and safely shut down their computers in the event of power loss. One type of UPS is the stand by power system (SPS), which is attached to the computer.This UPS enable it battery power when it detects a loss of electricity, unfortunately sometimes, there can be brief lapses in the power during the time it takes for the UPS to detect a power problem and switch to battery power.

A more expensive but more efficient type of UPS is an online UPS, which is located between the computer and power supply. Incoming power keeps the UPS battery charge, and all power to the computer comes from the battery.

When the power goes out, the UPS  simply continues to provide the computer with power from the battery reserve. This means there is no break in the power as there is in an SPS.


Also power problem resulting from power surge and spikes can be prevented by using a suppressor. Suppressors are designed to smooth out the flow of electricity by removing excess voltage caused by power surges and spikes.

To combat noisy or dirty current, one should use a noise filter. Noise filters are designed to condition the flow of electricity by removing EMI.

One should know the difference between the functions of these devices: UPS provide backup power, suppressors smooth out surge and spikes, and noise filter remove EMI.

A UPS can come with an integrated suppressor and noise filter.


Nothing better than having and letting a clean power current flows into the computer system. Even though this is might be beyond your control most times, there are still common prevention tips you can employ like utilizing a power stabilizer,  trying as much as possible to get power supply from stable source, implementing and running a smooth power circuitry system from the power meter and distribution board.

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