Home News BEWARE: The BVN Scam Alert; Read This Before You Fall A Victim

BEWARE: The BVN Scam Alert; Read This Before You Fall A Victim


Online fraudsters and scammers are using the Bank Verification Number (BVN) exercise to defraud any individual who fell as their victim. Taking the advantage of average ignorant Nigerians to milk them from their hard earned money all in the name of Bank Verification Exercise.

bvn-scam-alertThey appear as real official mail from your bank into your email inbox, asking you to click a cloak link to complete an online form in order to link or update your BVN to your other bank account.

Most banks in Nigeria are aware of this evil act and GTBank has taken the measure by informing their customers of such scam.

Kindly note that BVN enrollment can only be done physically in the bank. No bank staff or it official will ever call or send an email requesting you to click on any link to update or link your BVN to your account whatsoever. Kindly disregard any of such email if it arrive your inbox or better still report to your bank or CBN via the complaint section on their website. Better still visit bvn.com.ng for more info.


  1. NOTICE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC: I hereby report A BVN Scam alert from 0814788902 who sent me a text this morning 09:08AM in this format “ALERT: Dear customer your ATM CARD & ACCT****** has been blocked, due to your [BVN] system error. call our help line on 08147884902 to re-activate. THANKS.” Please anyone who can track the identity of this scammer should do so immediately,and send the details to your nearest police station. They are the ones spoiling our country Nigerian!!

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