BVN Registration Deadline: What You Need To Know


    In as much as the official deadline for Bank Verification Number (BVN) exercise has elapsed, ending on 31 of October 2015 been the extended date set aside by the CBN, the exercise for real will be an on-going one as new account holder who never did the BVN exercise before will undergo the exercise during his/her account creation.

    bvn-scam-alertTrust Nigerians to always seed the last minute opportunity, Majority or complaints recorded yesterday 2nd of November 2015 was about BNV related as many people account got restricted either those who never did it before o those whose BVN did not get linked to their other account(s). I myself was a victim and you can read here how my account got restricted and how i was able to resolved it in less than the stipulated time by reading the post on my BVN palava.

    Truth of the matter and state of your account highlighted and listed below;

    • The BVN registration is and will be an on-going exercise
    • Initial account holders who never completed the exercise got restriction on their account
    • Your ATM will be limited if you fall into one of the victim
    • Your account will still be in full active stat
    • You can accept transfer / deposit into your account
    • You can withdraw or transfer into another account
    • And the list goes on…

    That been said, never fall into hands of scammers either in the bank or via electronic means by email or SMS asking you to provide your account info to get your BVN registration done or updated. This bad guys are smart as the uses sender info your your bank trying to trick you that their malicious massage emanated from your bank.

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