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Browser Comparison: Microsoft Edge vs Chrome vs Mozilla


Out of the many existing browsers, Mozilla, Chrome and Microsoft edge tend to dominate the market in a number of ways. The three browsers happen to be the largely used by surfers since they come with some features that talk well for them. However, there are some differences that transpire between the same three browsers.

Before opting for either of them, it is important to understand the distinguishing clear cuts. Each person may have a different taste and preference hence you have no restriction to go for a browser that you would not want.

Chrome_Firefox_microsoft-EdgeBelow is a deep comparison between the three browsers. It should help you come up with the ultimate choice:

Speed and Performance

A browser is termed best if it can help you surf really fast. However, there are some browsers that are very sluggish in terms of performance. In this case, the speed and general performance of chrome and Mozilla can only be rated fairly. They are not as fast as other higher quality browsers. You might require a strong broadband plan in order to facilitate easy and fast browsing when using either Mozilla or Chrome.

Microsoft Edge ranks best when it comes to surfing speed and performance. It is designed in a manner that loading goes really fast even in a case where the Internet is not that powerful. When it comes to processing of JavaScript and page displays, edge responds fast.

Layout and Ease To Use

The manner in which a certain browser is laid-out and the general appearance communicates if it is easy to use or not. Edge and chrome tend to have a fairly good layout hence rendering them not the best. It is a little hectic using these browsers. In terms of customization and general usability, chrome and edge browsers are not the best.

Mozilla takes the lead when it comes to layout and ease to use. This is because the browser allows for customization. Aside from that, Mozilla has all essential features located within reach for users. This renders its layout best.


Most surfers find it necessary to add some extensions in their browsers in order to facilitate easy surfing. The only problem is that extensibility varies from one browser to another. Some may not support extensions while others do.

When rated in terms of extensibility, Chrome leads in all aspects. The browser is designed to support as many extensions as possible. It actually has a dashboard where you can activate and deactivate extensions. Mozilla on the other hand supports extensions but not as chrome does. Edge is the poorest in terms of supporting extensions.

Special Features

The integration of chrome with other Google products makes it take the lead in terms of special features. Chrome has the capacity to run special features without ruining its browsing capacity.

Firefox is also fairly good though to some extent. It also supports some special features but its power is not comparable to that of Google chrome. Again, Microsoft edge browser takes the last credit in this due to its poor support for special features.

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