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BlackBerry Services To Be Suspended In Pakistan


bbBlackberry services will soon be suspended in Pakistan because of secutiry issues, it was announced by the interior Minsiter of Pakistan today. However, this will not have any impact on BlackBerry’s Internet Services in the country.

According to reports, this similar thing took place in 2011, when Pakistan Telecommunication Authority banned multiple social media applications including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube due to blasphemous content that was published on these sites. Other than these sites, BES had also been terminated in Pakistan.

This time, a spokesperson from PTA Khurram Mehran says: “BlackBerry email service could not be tracked or decoded, which leads to the security reasons.” He further added: “There are few users of this service whose number would not be more than 4,000 to 5,000 in Pakistan.” Pakistan has been facing many security issues unlike other countries, and BIS seems to be the problem, Mehran said.

PTA sent strict notices to all cellular operators to make sure users do not have access to BES throughout the country after November 30, 2015. The authority has given a period during which users can find a replacement for the service

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