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Top Best Windows Phones of 2015


Microsoft’s Windows Phone has been picking up steam to effectively pit against the two leading platforms, Android and iOS. First we had Nokia using the platform on their Nokia Lumia lineup, shortly before the company decided to open up their own Microsoft Lumia pipeline. Now we have other smartphone manufacturers adding Windows Phone variation in the listing of the flagships they produce so they can charm Windows devotees.

With regards to the best mobile platforms in the market, Windows phone is currently trailing in the third place, with Windows 8.1 being the latest edition and Windows 10 expected to be availed for use anytime during the last quarter of 2015. That being said, here’s a list of the Windows Phones released or slated for release during the course of the year, 2015:

Microsoft Lumia 940

Lumia-940_Windows_10_phoneMicrosoft Lumia 940, set to be released during the last quarter of 2015, will be the first phone in the lineup to arrive with the new-fangled Windows Phone 10 platform. As a high-end smartphone, stacking effectively against the next Apple and Samsung dreadnoughts, we expect the phone to arrive with a series of top notch features, including 24MP main camera and 5MP front for selfies and video calling. The 5-inch 1080 p smartphone will be powered by a 2.7 GHZ Quadcore Snapdragon 805 processor with 3 GB of RAM that smake it one of the most powerful smartphones awaiting release.

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