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How to get the best snapshots with new android’s camera application


The world of android is heavily evolving by the day. For picture lovers, there is a brand new android application that will make your experience even better. Sometimes back, it was literally impossible to automatically choose the best shots in your android phone. However, the new application gives you all liberty in choosing the best shot. The best part is that everything is done automatically. The use of android devices has never been better than this before.

Photo credit: engaget
Photo credit: engaget

The truth is that android cameras are top notch as compared to other phones out there. However, it seems that more development is still on the rise in the android front. The new App comes as an enhancement to the existing cameras in order to make it easy for users to take the best shots ever. Any person can admit that sorting out the clearest shots in their gallery can be very tedious and demanding at the same time. The advent of this new application is certainly a great improvement in the world of Android.

So, how will this application work?


You will have to take your photos as usual. It does not matter on the number of faces you include in the photo or the background. All you need is to ensure that you take as many photos as you wish. However, clarity of the photos will also be influenced by your efforts as well. Make sure that you do the necessary framing in order to accommodate your subjects properly. Anything else will be done by the new android camera application.


The camera application will prompt your android phone to critically analyze your photos one-by-one. This is done with an aim of establishing which shots are clear and which are not. A very defined criteria is followed in doing the analysis in order to make sure that only the appealing and clear shots are chosen.

Some of the things accounted for when sorting your shots include the number of faces, open eyes, sharpness and also resolution. The application is made in a manner that all the mentioned properties are properly contemplated and sorted out respectively.


Once all the analysis has been done with regard a defined criterion, you will now be ready to get a list of the selected photos. The best part is that you will also be presented with the best frames for your photos. You can opt to spam them in your FaceBook timeline or rather save them in your new phone folder.


One thing for sure is that you should expect nothing but the best from this new android Camera application. It is seen as one of the best developments especially for those who love group photos.If it seemed too hard for you to capture over 20 faces in a blink using your android phone, then it is no longer so.  With the help of this new app, you will only require taking several shots of the same subjects and the application will help you with the rest.

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