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Best Smartphones to Look Forward to in 2015


Smartphone evolution is steering so fast than users can actually catch up. The excitement around the 2014 releases hasn’t even cooled off, yet the news about 2015 models is already heating up in various publications.

There’s always something in the wings. No sooner a new smartphone is launched, than the next wrinkle in waiting becomes the new buzzword. Since 2014 has already ended, with nothing new expected to be released within the span of the remaining few days, which smartphones do you think will be the tower of strength in 2015?

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Below i have listed the 7 smartphones to make a hit in 2015:

LG Flex 2

LG Flex 2-mytechportal.com-01LG’s G3 was a huge success in 2014, but it’s not like LG is willing to let 2015 slide without creating a flagship to keep them in the lime light. Nope. At the moment, there are speculations about LG releasing another crack in 2015–LG Flex 2.

The phone, estimated to come with a 6-inch display and an extremely thin bezel, may be in the market anytime in January, 2015. It may as well be among the first few LG models to come with the company’s own homemade chipset. 

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