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The Best Programming Languages Every Beginner Should Consider Learning Before Anything Else


The best career move anyone can make at the moment is learning how to code. Whether you believe it or not, there will always be a demand for sharp, talented programmers, which is why we believe learning how to code is [and will] always [be] the best career move anyone can make when split between choices.

best-programming-languagesBut picking the best programming languages to jumpstart your coding career can be a bit daunting if you’re beginner. From choosing the right languages to begin with, to narrowing down to what’s more needed in the industry, you’ll always need proper guidance from a well-experienced programmer. That being said, here are the best programming languages every beginner should consider learning before anything else.


  • Before anything else, first learn “drag and drop” 

Drag and drop programming is one of the basic coding techniques every beginner should consider learning before trying anything else. The technique allows you to carve out codes by simply dragging and dropping blocks and other visual cues instead of writing them manually. As such, it makes it easier for you to understand the basics of coding without necessarily going through the hassle of character placement.

Also, once you’ve fully grasped how this coding technique works, you’ll have an easy time understanding how other programming languages work.

To get started, download any drag and drop program such as Code.Org’s Code Studio, MIT scratch or Google blocky.


  • Python should be the next

Python is one of the simplest programming languages to understand if you’re a beginner, since it puts less emphasis on Syntax. So in case you forget putting a parenthesis or end up misplacing a few semicolons, the program will certainly not trip you off like any other programming language would have.


  • Learn JavaScript if you’re planning to become a serious programmer

JavaScript is a bit complex when compared to python, but it’s one of the most useful programming languages out there, which makes it a must-learn for every serious programmer. For one, the language runs on almost all platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android and Mac among others. Plus, all web-browsers, as well as different kinds of new devices such as smartwatches, use JavaScript in one way or another.


  • Once you become an old hand in JavaScript, consider learning Ruby and Ruby -on-Rails

Ruby on Rails is the tool you need to use in the backend phase of your programming. Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails may appear similar, but there’s a huge difference between the two. While Ruby is simply a scripting language, comparable to python, Ruby-on-Rails is a Web-App framework that’s mostly built on Ruby. Meaning, Ruby is the programming language, while Ruby-on-rail is the tool that makes it possible for you to use Ruby to build websites.

What makes these two programs special is the little prototype involved. That’s to say it’s easier to get the final products running once you have the codes written.


  • Learn HTML as a by the way

HTML is useful if you’ll ever need to build websites, which is inevitable as far as coding goes. It may not fit exactly into our definition of a programming language—not in the same sense as Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, but it’s very important in web designing. In brief, HTML is the language that describes how a website will look like when finished, while languages such as JavaScript and Ruby power up the interactive components—including what happens when a particular button on your website is clicked.

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