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5 Top Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Company in Nigeria 2015 – 2016


Domain registrar is a web company charged with responsibility of proving internet domain name reservation and management to an individual or corporate bodies. domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain (gTLD) registry and/or a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registry. The management is done in accordance with the guidelines of the designated domain name registries while a web hosting firm provides the online storage server that houses a particular website or mobile apps.

In this article, i will be reviewing the top 5 domain name registrar and web hosting company in Nigeria in 2015 who are still very much active in competing through 2016.

nigerian-domain-registrarThe benefits of a Nigerian domain registrar over their foreign counterparts is the ability of them been able to provide registration for Nigerian domain extensions like the .com.ng, .ng, .gov.ng, .edu.ng and so on. NIRA provides them the opportunity to carry such activities.

The List ranks from top to least.

#1. Whogohost Limited:

WhoGoHost makes our #1 position undisputed. It wasn’t a surprise as Whogohost came from below to top the then almighty Web4Africa who are my first registrar for a Nigerian domain extention registration. Whogohost which started as ennovateNIGERIA Limited in 2007 rebranded into Whogohost and got incorporated as a full web solution company by CAC in 2011.

Overtime, WhoGoHost has grown to be one of the top three web hosting companies in Nigeria, providing services for clients inside and outside Nigeria.

With excellent and superior customer support which is second to none among it competitors helps in delivering quality assistance utilizing seamless approach to helping every customer through phone, calls, chats, emails and support tickets. I must confess their customer support is the best. I logged a complained by 2 AM and believe it i got response with the issued resolved within 30 minutes.

WhoGoHost is an accredited Google Apps Reseller, .NG Registrar ,Cloudflare Certified Partner as well as an InterSwitch Partner for payment integration solutions. Forms of payment accepted are bank deposit/online transfer, Naira Master Card, Visa Card, Verve Card processed by Quickteller.

#2. Web4Africa:

They use to be #1 in Nigeria and Ghana before, but that was then before Whogohost snatched the position from them early 2015 though still able to make our second spot. Web4Africa was established in 2002 and has been in service offering affordable web solutions since it inception. Web4Africa is also an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar.

Asides domain and web hosting provision, Web4Africa also renders website development and management to it prospects. Web4africa renders nice customer support via support ticket, phone call, livechat and email, though not as perfect as Whogohost. Forms of payment accepted are Paypal, Bank deposit, Naira Master Card, Visa Card, Verve Card, GTPay and 2checkout.

#3. UpperLink:

Upperlink Limited is an incorporated company proving full IT solutions. Asides domain name registration and web hosting, it other core areas of specialization are in Internet Applications and Database Management Software Development. The company has developed strategic partnerships with InterSwitch for payment solution integration, Google for GApps for business and education, SAP for the deployment and management of its suite of enterprise solutions, and a host of others.

Upperlink have also built a proprietary payment engine that is installed in commercial banks to automate payment processes for different clients across varying business sectors, government and educational institutions.
#4. Domain King:
Domain King who operates via the URL “domainking.ng” came out just last year but with a massive marketing campaign and promotional offers on their debuts, they were able to make it to our #4 position.
DomainKing is a Global Domain Registrar accredited with African & Asian Domain Registries. They offers Domain Names registration, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SSL & Websites design and development. Customer support is fair.
#5. Registeram:
Registeram who provides full website design and development in addition to the domain name registration and web hosting services. Their customer support is average. Also they accepts major payment gateway and offers registration for Nigerian extensions in addition to the international TLD it caters for.

Feel any name ought to be among the listed but omitted? Share via the comment box


  1. It’s very simple to know all these paid bloggers or ones seeking attention. Upperlink is not a hosting company. Where do you put Smartweb that have the largest hosted domains in Nigeria, what about Qservers? I acknowledge WhoGoHost and Registeram, others are sentiments.

    • @Authentic One, thanks for your opinion, though the list as i mentioned in the post is drawn from my experience with 5 companies, heard about smartweb and Qservers, i think i will do much research and add them to another comprehensive 10 Nigerian hosting companies strictly for 2016 come January.

      In between i got a couple of domains reigstered and hosted on upperlink without hitch.

  2. I subscribed to the giant hosting plan on whogohost and the issues began almost immediately. I discovered that the my web IP was getting blacklisted very often and a lot of my outgoing email were getting block. I complained about this issues repeatedly and it later subsided…an then to my greatest shock, sometimes in August,2016, I discovered that whogohsot had a server crash and whogohost made bold notified me that they had no backup of almost two years of the business correspondences that I had on their server… In fact they referred me to their service level agreement and told me that they were not liable for data loss!!! number one hosting company in Nigeria is not responsible for data loss on its servers???
    After a lot of augment with their support team, I decided to set up another set of official email accounts on our hosting plan with them and within four weeks of setting up the accounts the email accounts disappeared into thing air, again…at this point I called the support and was told that they still had a backup of the emails but I had to pay for the backup….as you can imagines, I was very angry and told them that that was corporate espionage…it is insane for my hosting service provider to keep copies of my business documents and demand that I pay for it. this time they bulged and uploaded the files without receiving payments from me…
    At this point I thought I had seen the worst and then I tried to view my company website one day and I was redirected to a pron site…I called the whogohost support and one of the support staff made bold to tell me that I was responsible for the security of my site with them…so I asked her to tell me what they were paid for…It appears that they are not responsible or liable for anything…as I write this review my company site has been hacked and whogoshost has been characteristically flippant about it.
    Whogohost is all hype and no substance…a complete waste of money…
    A complete disgrace to upcoming Nigerian companies….

    • Sorry @Tolu for the challenges but i will advice you always read hosting TOS before subscribing but nevertheless they should be responsible for safety of your files without any additional fee. Probably you need contact their tech support team not just customer service.

  3. Domainking is the best if you are talking about domain name registration alone. For web hosting, I prefer companies whose severs are outside the country. Upperlink, Domainking, Smartweb, Qservers, Linkserve and Whogohost are top in Nigeria. My friend lost her domain name because of registaram poor customer support.

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