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Best Free Partition Software with AOMEI Partitioning Assistant


Partitioning your hard drive is a very delicate process. This is because there are chances of losing data in the hard drive when partitioning. This is something that you would not wish for. In this regard, you will require a software that will enable you to partition your hard drive and still ensure that all data in it is very safe.

AOMEI partition assistant is what you should be searching for. This is a program that is designed to ensure that disk partitioning is done without jeopardizing your data. This is certainly a very important thing that you should appreciate. You will be spared the hassle of backing up your data simply because you are afraid of losing it during the partitioning process.

AOMEI Partitioning AssistantAmong the things that make this software very appealing and undoubtedly the best include:


Have you ever heard of a partitioning software that is absolutely free of charge? Well, you will be surprised to know that AOMEI is free of charge. All you need is to visit the official site of this software and make your download. Things have never been this great before. However, you can opt to upgrade to the Pro Version. In such an occasion, you will have to pay for the version.

Universal Compatibility

It is pretty obvious that you will require a partitioning software that is compatible with most of the prevailing operating systems. One of the things that make AOMEI the best choice is the fact that it is compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. Recently, an upgrade was made to make AOMEI compatible with Windows 10. This is simply incredible. It can be used literally everywhere to partition your hard drive in windows 10.

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Resize/Move Partition Feature

It is not all about partitioning with AOMEI. There are still more things that you can do with the help of the same. Resizing is one of the things that you can do. If you think that a particular partition is too large, then you can resize it downwards and vice versa. The second role in this case is that you can move your partition to any place of your choice within the hard drive. You do not necessarily have to keep the partitioned part close to the other as long as you are using AOMEI. It allows for change of partition size even on windows 10.

Merge Partitions

If you thought that reversing your action is impossible with AOMEI, then you are wrong. This software is made in such a manner that you can partition your hard drive and reverse the process. If you feel the need to restore merged space in your hard drive, you can simply do so with the help of AOMEI.

Easy To Use

The very thing that makes this partition software a preferable option to many is the fact that you can easily use it. You will like the fact that this is not the kind of software that calls for so many steps in the name of disk partitioning. It comes with a very clear and precise procedure that any person irrespective of knowledge can easily follow.

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