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5 Top Indigenous Courier Service Provider in Nigeria


If you are into e-commerce, traditional commerce or do get involves into movement of goods/parcels from one part of Nigeria to the other, you will agreed with me that sometimes finding the best courier company to provide such services can be a nightmare. I am not talking about international courier provider who operates in the country like DHL, UPS, Fedex and the rest but i am referring to the indigenous logistic firms whose main and primary target is within Nigeria.

In this article, i have researched and come up with the list of the top and recommended courier & logistics company that are owned and run by indigence and whose services is limited to the corridor of the country. I have to carry out another extensive survey to come out of the top 5 among a list of over 20 who are currently effective and in active business. Check the list below which rank from top to least;

  1. Africa Courier Express (ACE).

aceAfrica Courier Express or ACE as the acronym goes is currently ranked on our #1 spot. Founded by Ercin Eksin and Tunde Kehinde, ACE is Nigeria’s largest consumer oriented logistics company with a world-class technology platform. ACE main objective is to bridge the divide between Retailers and Consumers with their mission of delivering technology-enabled logistics services supported by excellent customer service to aid commerce and improve lives across Africa. With Hundreds of merchants ship daily their parcels and packages, ACE’s adopts and utilizes the Pay-on-Delivery system to help retailers delivers their goods/packages to their customers, providing tracking and business intelligence services. Visit their website at www.ace.ng for more info.

2. Quo Nigeria.

Quo Courier and Logistics is another Nigeria’s leading indigenous shipping & freight company that does it business nationally. With a current total number 9 offices across the country and an head office in Dolphin Estate, Ikoya Lagos, Quo offers different array of unrivalled courier & logistics. QUO believes the Customer is their greatest asset, hence the need to provide quality and efficient services with top notch customer support is a priority.

quo_nigeriaI once visited their head office in Ikoyi and to be candid with you, these guys are in for a serious business, their office settings alone speaks for itself let alone their standby motorbikes and trucks coupled with the friendly treatment from their smiling staff. QUO delivers parcels to all states within Nigeria with a few selected that they offers pay on delivery services for retailers clients who intend to get their goods to their potential customers via Quo. Visit quonigeria.com for more information

3. ABC Express Courier Limited

Owned and operated by award winning land transportation company, ABC Transport, ABC Express Courier Limited has carved a niche for itself and been one of the pioneering founders indigenous courier services firm. Located in Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos, ABC Express Courier allows for items of various sizes, shapes and weight to be delivered across the nation with the required express handling. Items are consolidated and trucked on the basis of destinations.

Maintained by best hands in the industry, coupled with customer service oriented support. ABC Express & Courier offers line support for Courier /Logistics Companies on next day priority basis.

Key destinations like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lokoja, Kaduna, Calabar,Owerri, Aba and Onitsha are serviced daily. Charter Services: Our fleet of trucks in sizes 3.5tons, 10tons and 22tons are available for hire. Need more info? Call their customer lines 081-42552434, 0806 326 1919, 08039600958 or visit their cargoe

4. Tranex

tranexTrans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX) is a leading Logistics Company engaged in domestic and International Express delivery, haulage, freight and other ancillary transportation and storage services.. It is a wholly owned Nigerian company which was established in 1984 as TNT Skypak Nigeria Limited. In 1992 the name was changed to Trans-nationwide Express Plc. With a share capital of N250,000,000 and over 3,600 shareholders, it sought and obtained listing on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (1st tier) in 1993. It is currently one of the only two Logistic Companies in Nigeria quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Visit their website tranex-ng.com for more info.

5. Tradeways Express

tradewaysTradeways Express International Limited, a private limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria on January 23, 2002 began operations on February 18, 2002, focusing on three major business areas, namely, Express Courier, Nationwide Cargo and International Freight Services. tradewaysxpress.com is your point for more info.

Conclusion: What is your thought on the ranking for the top 5 courier commonly in Nigeria owned and run by Indigence? Lets hear opinion via the comment box below.


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