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6 Top Messaging Apps Every Smartphone User Will Love to Install


Messaging in smartphones has turned into a craze for every person. It is for this reason that a lot of messaging apps for smartphones have been made available in the market currently. The truth is that technology has really advanced since such applications do not require any credit or vouchers. All you need is Internet connection and you will be able to communicate with your friends from any part of the world.

It might interest you to know that there are some smartphone messaging apps that allow for free calls as well. This means that it is not all about sending texts but also making calls. In fact, it is speculated that all messaging apps for smartphones are heading towards that direction.

messaging-appsBelow is a list of 6 messaging apps that smartphone users should opt for:

  1. Whatsapp

This happens to be the most used messaging app for smartphones all over the world. Whatsapp gives room for instant messages across all contacts that you have in your phone. Not so long ago, the developers of this app introduced a new feature to enable users make free calls. You can now call any person across the globe through Whatsapp as long as you have a constant Internetconnection. The app is very reliable.

  1. Skype

Skype has been in existence for quite a long time now and it is considered to be one of the most reliable messaging apps there is. The app is not only available for mobile phones by computers as well. The good thing about Skype is that it is very reliable at all times. Messages are sent instantly irrespective of the location that the recipient is. The best part is that you can make video calls using Skype. This is very unique as compared to other messaging apps out there.

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  1. FB Messenger

Facebook still remains as one of the prime and leading social platforms in the world. So far, Facebook has gone a long way in developing apps that will facilitate better communication. FB messenger is one of the apps that smartphone users can install for instant messages to friends anywhere. It is instant and very reliable.

  1. Viber

This is one of the latest messaging apps for smartphones. It made its advent in the market not so long ago and it has already gone viral. The best thing about Viber is that it allows for instant messaging and calls as well. The sound quality during calls is undoubtedly the best. The app is now readily available in the latest releases of smartphones.

  1. BBM

The BlackBerry Company developed this application and it is meant for instant messaging to those using BlackBerry smartphones. However, there are other smartphones out there that support BBM messaging application. The quality of this app is definitely the reason behind its profound prominence.

  1. Wechat

The good thing about Wechat is that it is supported by almost all smartphones in the market. It is used to send instant messages across different smartphones. However, it should be noted that for two people to communicate with the help of Wechat, the application must be present in the involved smartphones.

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