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Beam Messenger; An App That Lets you See Everything a Person types BEFORE They Hit Send


If you’re among the people who type furious text messages, realize it underway then erase everything or elide the sensitive sections before hitting the send button, then it’s high time you stopped the foible.

Learn to plan. Then know exactly what you want to type before you let your thumbs stroke your keypads. Failure of which you’ll have a new messaging app displaying every letter of the bawdy text message you’re planning to delete even before you think of pressing the send button.

beam-messenger-appThe above caveat comes a few months after a new app by the name Beam Messenger was released on Google play. If anything, this is the first app of its kind. From the catchphrase placed on their Google Play page, this is supposed to be the app that will get you the closest to having a real time conversation while texting.

First it has users seeing each other’s texts and every keystrokes as they happen, bringing in a new window of intimacy and transparency. It’s akin to editing a Google Doc with another person, but for friendship and text-messaging.

In addition to displaying texts in real time, Beam Messenger arranges messages in accordance with the exact moment they were sent. For instance, if you happen to text your friend while they’re still typing, the app will interrupt them to display your message in the middle of their texts. In real time, this is like interrupting someone in a conversation while they’re still talking to blurt your point.

One rub though—the same way you see your friends keystrokes roll, that’s how your friends see whatever you’re typing and deleting. So unless you’ve already started to adjust your thinking, there’s a huge possibility of being caught unaware if you’re the type who just types then think later.

At the moment the app is available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free on any Android device. According to Alec Gordon—Beams CEO, the app is 65 percent done and plans to release PC and iOS versions are still underway.

From the illustration, there’s a high likelihood the app may raise some privacy concerns in the future. as it exposes ones thought process and typing skills, or lack thereof. But one good thing is that this new feature will be eliminating the ellipses that crop up when someone is retorting to your text messages. That said, you can be rest assured you won’t be suffering from the “emotional and existential frustrations” that come with experiencing such ellipses.

You don’t have to wait for your friend to finish writing a text so you can reply. As a matter of fact, since you both have the app, you can have a sensible, indrawn conversation without pressing the send button at any point. This is particularly very important if you’re having a confidential conversation that you fear may ignite serious ramifications if it gets read by a third party. So you text, cutting each other underway, in the process you end up having a sensible conversation with nothing left on your phone to incriminate you in case it gets to that.

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