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AutoGenius Brings You Reliable Insurance Policy via Online & Mobile Platform


AutoGenius is Nigeria’s first independent online insurance brokerage platform. Launched in October 2014 and since then Nigerians have shown excitement about this new way of purchasing Motor Insurance. 
autogenius_insurance_policymyautogeniusAutoGenius who traded under the domain myautogenius.com took the advantage of high insurance illiteracy among Nigerian to leverage awareness and orientate the masses about insurance policy offering their best services at the same time that even, taxi drivers who usually don’t care about insurance are loving the idea of insuring their taxis right from their mobile devices. 
Autogenius currently have a partnership with the 5 top Insurance companies in Nigeria, like Leadway, Aiico, NEM, Royal Exchange and Custodian insurance distributing different insurance products and policy online and via mobile.  
About The Platform
MyAutoGenius.com is working with the believe and hope that shape and transform the insurance industry in Nigeria, just as the banking banking sector has been transformed in recent times
It’d be a delight to share our story on your excellent platform, Mytechportal.com showing how technology can revolutionise insurance in Nigeria and Africa; we call it the age of Tech-Surance.
You must have heard this before in Nigeria:

  • I don’t need insurance, God is my insurance
  • Why bother with insurance when insurers don’t pay claims
  • The last time I tried to buy one, they sold me a fake policy

Before AutoGenius, buying any type of policy for your new, tokunbo or “my papa dash me” car, involved one of these 3 things:

  • You asked a friend or colleague to recommend an insurance company
  • You were introduced to #OneGuyLikeThat
  • #OneGuyLikeThat then sold you an insurance policy which may have been fake

By this time you finally verified whether your policy was real, #OneGuyLikeThat had disappeared forever, and you had entered #OneChance!
Now with AutoGenius, the power is in your hands. Right from your device, you can:

  • Search for quotes
  • Compare the prices and features
  • Buy from the best of Nigeria’s insurance companies instantly
  • Get instant SMS confirmation from authorities that you have bought a genuine insurance
  • And Print your insurance certificate

You can pay with your Verve card, Visa card, Mastercard, Paypal, Mobile Wallet, AutoGenius Scratch Card and even Bank Transfers, anywhere, anytime… It’s that simple!
Words like easy, straightforward, no-hassle, no wahala and no sweat are synonymous with AutoGenius. That’s whyite’s called a Genius.

One more thing.. you get whopping discounts from our trusted insurance partners when you buy online at myautogenius.com.

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