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Apple’s Long-list of Patents—What Does it Say about Apple’s Future iProducts?


apple-patents-mytechportal.com-01Technology is rolling in favor of Green. And so is Apple. But its long-list of patents doesn’t just end there. From hardware and software to accessories and appliances, Apple has been patenting a series of new innovations. And if we can draw clear images of future iDevices, it’s superficial the future is yet to see and experience a lot of Apple. Here’s a rundown of what to expect as far as Apple and new innovations go:

Solar Charging iPhones, iPad and MacBook

Future iDevices will all come with portable solar panels. That sounds crude. Of course the market already has a number of phones with solar panels—mostly placed at the back. And conclusively, they’re all ugly. So why should Apple sacrifice beauty in favor of going “green?”

Well, the patented solar technology is nothing you’ve seen before. Instead of having a crude solar panel glued at the back of your iDevice, the panels will be tactically fused with the screen, to a point that you can’t possibly distinguish between a regular iDevice and a Solar powered one, except for other features.

The Advanced Smart Cover

Apple has filed a number of patent that protect their recent Smart Cover technology. The patents bring in a list of advanced functionalities to their cases. First, it integrates a visual notification system, which protects the screen while providing illuminated alerts whenever a notification pops up.

Secondly, as filed in March, the Smart Cover is also expected to be an inductive charging center providing wireless power to your future iDevice.

Also expected on the cover is a detachable multi-touch keyboard, strategically placed for a more convenient and comfortable use.

Head mounted display

Apple has two patents under its belt covering head mounted displays. The first one—somehow similar to the Oculus Rift’s—allows the user to play engaging games while viewing it through the goggles. Then the second one takes a similar approach to Google Glass, but using a smaller line of attack.

Even more interesting, the patent suggests the goggles will also identify users by tracking their eyeballs, fingerprints, and voice.

Virtual Keyboard

In February 2013, Apple was awarded another patent by USPTO, which described an advanced depth perception technology that could as well introduce virtual keyboards. This technology also comes with a “Depth-Perception-Device-and –System” that can calculate the actual distance between objects or depth of objects by combining image capturing lasers and sensors.

Siri-Controlled Home

Apple was recently granted a new patent for a sensor system that can practically control your entire house. The system, which encompasses a network of sensors, can actually detect light, time, and motion in your entire house, thus providing relevant information to Siri that can it device carry out actions for you.

A good example is Siri reminding you to wake up early and go to work.

“But don’t forget to carry your wallet,” says Siri. “And hey, you forgot to take your pills. Can you please take them before you leave the house?”

Self-adjusting earphones

Not long ago, USPTO awarded Apple a new patent covering self-adjusting earphones that automatically adjust the audio output in accordance to the seal, as detected by an in-built microphone measuring electrical currents. You won’t probably understand this, but here’s the thing;

This patent describes how the technology will allow the earphones to adjust automatically, depending on how well the earbuds are sealed to your ears. If they’re loose, the earphones will respond by adjusting the necessary ingredients of quality sound to enhance your listening experience.

Desk-free computer

This technology has only been seen in movies. I mean those sci-fi movies where super intelligent projectors pop out of nowhere to resolves mysteries that only script writers can understand. Of course such an innovation is only but a fragment of some script-writer’s imagination. But wait…

Apple has patented a new innovation that could replace desk computers with wireless projectors. As described in the patent, the projector will contain an ambient light sensor, an accelerometer, and depth sensors that ensure optimal images can be projected on any surface you choose. The quality of the image shown, coupled with the fact that the projectors will be 100 percent wireless, marks the beginning of a new Apple.

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