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Apple Watch: All You Need Know About It


From 24th April Apple buffs will have a new Apple device to add to their collection. And it’s nothing other than the fervently awaited Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook took it upon himself to announce the glad tidings a few days ago at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts, San Francisco. Though initially announced in September—2014, this time round Tim laid open everything there is to know about the watch.

Apple-Watch-PictureFor starters, 10th April is the preorder day or the first day you’ll be allowed to try out the Watch in an Apple store. But it’s until 24th April that the watch will be made available for purchase.


The watch will arrive in various editions; from a basic version for those willing to sleeve up a few hundred dollars on the watch to the ostentatious edition that will fetch as high as $10, 000.

To be precise, the most basic edition, the Apple watch Sport, will be retailing at $349 for the 38-mm watch face and $399 for the 42-mm face, while the stainless steel version will have starting price of $549. For the 18-karats gold Apple Watch edition, you should be prepared to spend more than $10, 000 to own one.



No one knew Apple would one day have a change of heart and start supporting apps made by third party developer until recently when Tim Crook hinted the company was gradually caving in to the idea.

To download the apps, all you have to do is download them on your iPhone then transfer them to your Apple watch. Among the apps supported, there’s WeChat (a popular messaging app from China) and Uber (a popular app that lets you summon a ride using your Apple Watch). The most notable of all is the W Hotel App, which lets you unlock your hotel room by holding it up to the lock pad near your hotel door handle.


If you love Siri, then perhaps that’s another reason you’d want to own the new Apple Watch. With this feature, you can just say “hey, Siri” on your Watch then proceed to ask it for turn-by-turn directions or any information you need to know about an upcoming event. You can also dictate text messages and send to any of your contacts without typing a single word.

Phone calls

Unlike other smartwatches, Apple Watch will allow you to pick incoming calls and even have conversations right from your wrist using the watch’s microphone and speaker. The Moto 360 lets you answer phone calls, but the phone call feature on Apple Watch is a little different as it lets you pick phone calls without speaking on your actual phone.


The Apple Watch features a magnetic charger at the back for juicing. Once fully charged, you can expect it to last for at least 18-hours before you think of recharging it again.

The “Taptic Engine”

Every time your watch receives a new notification, your Apple Watch will be gently tapping on your wrist. Let’s say you’re walking to a certain direction under the direction of Siri, if you get to a point where you have to take a turn, you’ll receive a tap on your wrist.

As Tim puts it, different alerts will come with different tactile sensations. Again, the feature will allow you to tap other Apple Watch wearers or even share your heartbeat with them.

Instant Messages

Apple Watch will also act as a mirror for your iPhone. Among the things reflected on your Apple Watch will be the messages and emails you receive on your iPhone. It will also offer a quick response based on the context of your text message. For example, if your text is about someone wanting to meet you for coffee or dinner, the watch will offer a long text of “leaving now,” “will be there at……” or an animated emoji that you can use as reply.

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