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Simple Guides On How To Manage Notifications On Your Apple Watch


In as much as you would want to feel the sense of modernization with your apple watch, there is need to manage the notifications streaming in. This is because a chain of notifications from your apple watch can be really irritating and bothersome. However, this does not mean that you should disable all your notifications. This is because you still need alerts, though the vital ones alone.

Simple Guides On How To Manage Notifications On Your Apple WatchConsidering that apple watch is a new piece in the market, it might prove tricky to deactivate and manage some of the notifications in it. Below is a tutorial on how to easily manage notifications on your apple watch and to ensure that you only receive the most important ones:


If your aim is to deactivate the alerts and privacy notifications on your apple watch, all you need is to open your apple watch and tap the notifications section. It is here that you will find a list of all notifications. You will also find the indicator settings in this section of notifications. Disabling both the notifications and the indicator, all you need is to toggle the power switch from on to off.

Third Party Notifications

It is important to note that apple watch is designed in a manner that notifications from your phone mirror on it as well. In this case, it might be annoying to have all your phone notifications channeling in your apple watch. If you want to bar notifications from Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, then it is simple.

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All you need is to open the notification settings of your apple watch. Search for third part notifications and then turn them off. You can choose particular third party notifications that you would want to switch off. This means that you can leave only the necessary ones.

Pre-Installed App Notifications

There are particular apps that are sold with apple watches. These apps are pre-installed and they feature their own notifications. The good thing is that preinstalled notifications can be customized to your liking unlike the case with third party notifications.

If you want to customize the text message notification, all you need is to tap ‘messages’ and select ‘custom’. You should then toggle the power switch from on to off. This will enable you to customize the respective notifications to your preference.

Do Not Disturb

This is a mode that allows you to bar any form of notifications especially when in meetings and other private matters. To activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, all you need is to tap ‘My Watch’. From there, you will have to choose between ‘Mirror iPhone’ or ‘Manual’. In this case, set Mirror iPhone to off in order to choose the manual mode. This is where you will be allowed to choose ‘Do Not Disturb’ Option.

Clearing Notifications

This is done by simply pulling down the display from the top of your apple watch screen. It is here that you will find all the notifications that have been received in your watch. Deep-press the screen until you are provided with the option to clear notifications.

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