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Apple Set To Release A Larger Tablet “iPad Pro”


Ipad proAccording to the latest rumors related to Apple, it is believed that the company has plans to expand their line of iPads; as the rumor seems to spread everyday, it is believed that Apple is planning to release a larger tablet, therefore its being called the iPad Pro, while others suggest that the new addition will be called the iPad Air Plus.

Most of the rumors have been fed by the fact that Apple iPad sales have been at an all-time low; for six quarters straight, the sales have been declining. With competitors like Samsung and a wide range of lower-tier competitors to choose from, it is expected that the Cupertino based giant will make a statement with an updated larger version of the iPad.

In light of the recent developments and technologies that we have seen from the company such as ForceTouch technology, the ApplePay service, the trackpads seen on the Macbook and let’s not forget the Apple Watch, some of these features and elements could make their way on the rumored iPad Pro.

According to speculations, the new iPad will measure 12.9inches, making it the largest tablet by Apple, leaving being the iPad 2 at 12.9 inches and the iPad mini 3 at the 7.9 inches. This means that the new iPad will be closer to the 13-inch MacBook Air in terms of size.

News of the looming iPad have been going around since early 2014, however, the rumors were put to rest when the company sidelined the project to work on other products. The device was expected to be launched in early 2015 given Apple’s declining share in the tablets market; the market expected Apple to launch an update to the iPad line as a sales booster. however whatever hope there was that we’d see a new, larger iPad with some of the new elements seen on other Apple devices was crushed by a report by the Wall Street Journal; the report revealed that Apple had yet again sidelined the tablet in order to produce more 6 Plus devices.


We’ve seen Apple slim down most of its latest devices and the new iPad is expected to be no different; the iPad Pro will be slightly thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus, at 7 mm. It will in fact be quiet similar to the current iPad in terms of design; narrow side bezels and an ultra-thin Chassis.

Apple could further extend its color pallet beyond the current choices of gold, silver and space gray.


At the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference this year, the company filled us in on the latest iOS update, iOS 9. The company released some major news about latest update that is too be made to the apple operating system, equipped with enhanced multi talking capabilities, the iPad Pro could undergo significant transformation.

For the iPad, iOS 9 will feature new gesture-based controls along with the split–screen view, however there’s a catch, the advanced multitasking features will only be landing on the iPad Air 2 and the rumored iPad Pro. The rest of the models will feature only the navigational features. Additionally, Apple revealed that the new update will allow iPad’s digital QuickType keyboard to shift to a digital trackpad. This will make selection of text easier and the copy/paste process more seamless.


According to a report by Apple Insider, the upcoming iPad Pro could feature a high resolution display; the 2732 by 2048 pixel display will have pixel density that has been seen on the iPad air 2. Other features that may make it to the iPad Pro could be the Force Touch technology seen on the latest MacBook, which will mean adding pressure sensitivity to the device interface.

Also in the works is a new Bluetooth Pen stylus that will incorporate pressure sensitivity, however, the rumor might not materialize into an actual product given Steve Jobs’ aversion to the accessory. However, the accessory has seen wide acceptability with Surface Pro 3 users and Galaxy Note 4.


NFC could be a possible feature in the upcoming iPad Pro, given that Apple has incorporated the payment system in its latest iPhones and the Apple Watch. Moreover the iPad is growing in popularity as a cash register in retail locations coupled with the fact that the number Apple Pay issuers are growing, that is a definite thumbs up for the NFC system.


The latest MacBook sports a USB-C port, therefor there is every possibility that the iPad Pro will also feature the element, whether it will still sport the regular Apple Lightening port is a mystery though. However, if the USB-C port will be a component on the upcoming iPad Pro, it will definitely expand its flexibility, enabling users to connect a wide range of accessories via the port.


The new iPad Pro with all of its features and the latest elements incorporated into it, the price will definitely surpass that of the existing iPads.

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