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How to Use Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers with Apple Watch


What most people do not know is that Apple Watch comes with a number of hidden features that are very important. If you are wondering if it is possible to use Bluetooth headphones and speakers with Apple Watch for the sake of listening to music, then you can.

Did you know that it is possible to use your apple watch as an iPod to listen to music? Yes it is very possible. You can actually use it independently. This implies that you can leave your iPhone back at home and enjoy music right from your Apple watch. However, you will require synchronizing the watch with Bluetooth headphones in order to enjoy your music.

apple_musicHere are the steps to follow;

#Step 1: Music Preparation

It goes without saying that your music has to be prepared before you even set up your apple watch. At this first step, you are supposed to come up with a collection of music that you will play from your Apple Watch. However, everything has to be done from your iPhone. In this case, you can consider importing music from your iTunes library. Better still, you can use the music that you have stored in the memory of your phone.

It is important to remember that all music that you wish to use on your Apple watch should not exceed 2GB. Also, the music has to be in a single playlists as opposed to many. 2GB is enough space to carry a long playlist of music.

#Step 2: Watch Preparation

There are a number of settings that must be made on your watch to ensure that the playlist selected finally lands on it and music is played on the Bluetooth headphones. Better still, you can use your car’s audio system if at all it supports Bluetooth pairing.

In order to pair your Apple phone with a Bluetooth device, you will have to trace the settings in your watch. In that section, you will be presented with options that include ‘Bluetooth’. At this point, you are supposed to touch on ‘Bluetooth’ in order to access the respective settings. You should then go ahead and scan for other gadgets. Important to note, you must ensure that the Bluetooth of the audio device you intend to pair is on. It is also important to acknowledge the fact that you can pair multiple devices in one watch at the same time. Pair your Bluetooth headset when in this section.

#Step 3: Synchronizing Your Playlist

It is now time to push the music that you had selected in your iPhone to the watch. This is done with the help of the charger cable that comes with your phone. Link-up the watch and your phone using the cable. Once connected, go to the watch app in your iPhone and select ‘Music’. You will be allowed to tune the amount of music that you would want to use and this is where you should tune to 2GB. Once you are done, tap on ‘Synced playlist’ and the select on the music you want to send. It will start the synchronization process immediately. It may take one minute for one song to transfer.

Once the loading of music on your watch is done, you should then play it directly through the speakers you had linked with Bluetooth earlier.

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