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What You Need Know before Buying the iPhone 6


iphone_6_iphone_6_plus1It is over a month since Apple released the Apple iPhone 6 in the market. Many tech savvy people flocked to get the new iPhone with its new features and processing power. For those who are yet to get one, there are several things, both negative and positive they need to know before buying it.

On a positive note, the iPhone 6 screen is the main feature. The new super slim design with an improved processor, the inclusion of iOS 8 means better processing power. The iPhone 6 comes with soft seamless curves. On the rear, the iPhone 6 shows some plastic detailing. However, the other parts and the casing are made of metal and glass.

Before you get your next upgrade, you have to know this is a big phone, though it does not feel too big. The phone is big, but thinner and light, weighing approximately 129 grams.

Though the Apple iPhone 6 is known to be a super purchase, buyers must know that it bends. This arises because of the Apple design strategy to design slimmer models. Though you can take care of this, you have to be careful and avoid putting it in the back pocket.

Though it comes with high-tech features, the general look of the iPhone 6 is ugly. One failure of the manufacturers is to remove the glass paneling on the back and replace with plastic lines making it ugly. Because it is a big phone, these lines make it uglier.

For those looking to buy the iPhone 6, they have to contend with the fact that it is underpowered. The 1080p screen strains the chip over. The phone comes with a higher resolution screen. The processor needs to work harder, making it underpowered.

The Apple iPhone 6 operates with several applications and Apple ID. The buyer has to put up with problems setting their Apple ID and restoration apps. When restoring the backups, it is very slow. Some application like Page will take hours to download.

Though the iPhone 6 has some flaws, it has several benefits. First, it has an awesome battery life. This is one of the biggest phones available today and with this, it means more power consumption. However, the manufacturers designed an awesome battery. The power allows you to watch video, browse your favorite pages and play the installed games for long.

The Apple iPhone 6 allows you to switch to android. Clients who have loved the Apple jobs, but detest the 3.5/4 screen can jump ship. With an improved graphical user interface, this phone is ideal for those who love gaming. The design allows users to play 3D games thus giving you a better experience.

The performances

IPhone 6 is a powerful phone with great performances. The great performance is made possible by the dual-core processor with 64 bit architecture and a 1GB RAM. These features make it one of the best performing phones in the market today. Besides, it comes installed with some of the best Apple applications.

Another quick fact to know about iPhone 6 is that it comes with 8MP sensor offering bigger pixels, a 13MP sensor and an optical image stabilization feature.

Have you recently had any experience with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus whether good or bad, kindly voice your opinion via the comment box below.

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