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Apple Ventures into Automobile; Set to Launch iCar in 2019


Tech giant, Apple is set to debut it first car come 2019. The world’s largest capitalized company seems to have designated 600 employees to work on the project, tagged “Project Titan”

Wall Street Journal further reports that Apple first car likely not to be a self-driving car as initially speculated by the media and analyst.

apple-car-2019While Apple is said to be targeting a 2019 launch, it’s possible we’ll have to wait a little longer. As the report notes, building a car from scratch is complex, and those familiar with Apple’s plans were skeptical that the company would be able to hit that deadline.

The report comes after Apple had met with officials from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles to discuss the state’s autonomous vehicle regulations. The Guardian reported in August that Apple had begun seeking facilities for testing autonomous vehicles.

The Journal first reported that Apple had planned to develop its own electric car in February. Since then the company has made high-profile hires, including Fiat Chrysler’s Doug Betts and autonomous-vehicle researcher Paul Furgale.

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