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Apple And Samsung Move To Kill The Traditional SIM Card


simApple Inc. and Samsung Group are reportedly in negotiations with several mobile carriers, both the tech giants hope to come up with a solution that would allow customers to easily switch between carriers without having the need to change their SIM cards.

Financial Times recently released a report mentioning that both the companies are looking for something that is being called an embedded SIM (E-SIM), its function would give users opportunity to swicth one carrier to another carrier of their wish from their current carrier without having the need to go through the process of taking out the SIM card and putting a new subscribed one from another carrier. The E-SIM practically also gives user the flexibility to move from carrier to carrier rather than using just one carrier.

Reports suggest that the new E-SIM might start working in 2016, however, we previously saw a glimpse of how the E-SIM might function as in Apple’s LTD iPads released last year, which introduced the “Apple SIM.” The Apple SIM had somewhat qualities of what the E-SIM will be bringing in, as with the Apple SIM users were able to select which carrier they wanted to use for networking. Moreover, users could also switch to another carrier if they wished at some point for several purposes.

The Cupertino tech giant will likely be hoping to kill off the SIM card tray and the SIM-cards for its future devices, as removing both will allow the company to manufacture its next devices even thinner than they are now. Furthermore, according to the Financial Times, Apple will likely add in the Apple SIM even before E-SIMS are announced next year, which means that the next iPhone might not even need a physical sim card as the Apple SIM will likely come preloaded in the device, allowing users to switch and select carriers of their choice and switch to another once they think that the other carrier offers better features and network discounts.

The E-SIM, however, will not likely be loved by all specially the top carrier companies. Reportedly, the GSM Association has spoken out to the Financial Times and pointed out that AT&T (NYSE:T), T-Mobile (NYSE:TMUS), Telekom, Vodafone, Orange, and several other international carriers have joined in the idea of manufacturing E-SIMs. The association also sheds light on how Apple and Samsung both have taken up a similar interest to come up with a pre-loaded E-sim, however, nothing has yet been confirmed and Apple could simply just go on with its Apple SIM for future devices. The association also stated: “While we are optimistic, a formal agreement with them is still in progress.” On its progress with Apple, regardless of what might be the outcome of these agreements, the Cupertino tech giant is keen on removing the usage of sim cards in its smartphones and other devices.

Even though the associations affirms that top carriers have likely agreed on bringing their networks on E-SIM, however, something from the past could just be repeated by AT&T as the company interfered with the Cupertino tech giant Apple SIM’s plan when it was launched last year. Apple briefly in a report explained how AT&T had been locking down users who selected the network through the Apple Sim on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 by stating “When you choose AT&T on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, AT&T dedicates Apple SIM to their network only.” This left users no choice but to continue with the US carrier, however, this did indicate that the carrier company thought that Apple Sim as a huge threat and was unwilling to go ahead as the company believed that users might prefer using other carriers over this if given a choice due to pricing and payment plans.

Speaking about why Samsung would be interested in E-SIMs, well let’s just say the company may have the same purpose as Apple and that the Korean tech giant just doesn’t want to give up on any race that Apple has joined. The two companies may be on the same page right now to bring the E-SIM to life and their rivalry for the top spot will still go on. Currently, Samsung is working to release the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus while Apple focuses on launching the Apple iPhone 6s this September.

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