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Android Parental Control – How To Stay In The Loop With Your Kids!


In a house, where either both or the single parent is working, it can be tough to supervise children at all times. Especially if you have teens or a preteen it can be tough to keep an eye on them. But there is no need to feel guilty about not being able to give them enough time, or constantly worrying about their safety.

kids on android mobileThough it is the responsibility of every parent to always be mindful of their kids’ activities, still going through your teens’ cell phones behind their backs or sneaking through their stuff, is not the suitable way of keeping an eye on them. Especially with teenagers, you have to be extra careful about how much privacy you should feed them and where to draw the line.In the debate between spying or consent, never choose spying, because it can put the trust and respect in you and your child relationship, at risk.

So, how can you make sure they are safe both online and offline, while you don’t be a nosy parent?Well, if you are an Android user, the solution lies within your phone; Android Parental Control!

Parental Apps Help You Stay Updated

Many tech-savvy parents are now shifting from the old school ways to the new road of digital parenting apps. You will find many apps in the market, but if you want a feature filled app at an affordable price, FamilyTime is the suitable parental control for you.  Download it now from your Google Play Store or from the button below:

google_play_buttonFamilyTime lets you monitor your teen’s activities and keeps you connected to them 24/7. This app gives you the control to:

  • Track your teens detailed location, along with the date and time stamps.
  • Geo-fence any location, i.e. school, home, etc. to receive check-in and checkout alerts.
  • View web-browser history and bookmarks.
  • View complete list of apps installed.
  • Blacklist any inappropriate app.
  • Watchlist any suspicious contact.
  • Receive PickMeUp alerts from your teen.

Receive SOS alerts in case of an emergency along with their detailed location.

FamilyTime androidYou can do all this and much more from a single Dashboard. Also, this app requires the consent of your teen to work properly. This way, it helps you strengthen the mutual trust and respect between you both.

Keep Your Teens Safe At All Times

Like every other parent, you want to do all you can to keep your children safe at all times. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be physically there at all times. Even if you are busy at work or out of town, always be there for them by using Androidparental control. Pick the stress out of the parenting and brush it aside. Parenting doesn’t always have to be tough!

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