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Infinix Released XUI Lollipop Update to Hot Note and Zero 2 Series + How to Upgrade


If you are a die-hard fan of Android then i see no reason why you shouldn’t be running it latest operating system on your mobile device. Still sticking to Kitkat in the age and trends of Lillipop and latest released Android 6 Marshmallow? Sorry dude, you lagging behind.

Infinix Mobile keep striving to bring the latest and make their devices compatible with latest Android operating system. Apart from the Infinix Hot 2 which came default with the Android One Lollipop which has the capacity to auto-update over the air for the next 2 years, all other Infinix smartphones runs on Kitkat, oh yea but that was before the release of the XUI Lollipop update to the Hot Note and Infinix Zero 2 series.

Screenshot_2015-10-02-11-28-49The XUI Lollipop update to the Hot Note and Zero 2 series is not available over the air as you will either visit any of SLOT outlet get it upgraded for you free of charge (FOC) or do it yourself, which shouldn’t be stressful most especially if you are a tech freak and if you have enough data bandwidth to download 1.7GB file, which is the size of the XUI update. There is already a detailed tutorial from TechsNG explaining how to go about it.

slotBut if you feel you can’t get to do if yourself which is pretty easy and straight forward if you follow the procedures outlined by TechsNG, then locate and walk into any of SLOT retail shop near you where you get the upgrade done for you FREE as long you have the Hot Note or Zero 2 series, you can as well purchase from them if you don’t.

The Android XUI Lollipop series has a kind of customized interface that makes looks and performance more seamless and stylish. Check the screenshot captured from the XUI Lollipop version below.



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