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How to Build an Android and iOS App for your Opencart Website


Opencart Android and IOS AppIt’s obvious that mobile apps will soon replaces and fade out how we access the internet most especially on shopping website. The importance of having a mobile apps most especially on major app store like Google Play and Apple App Store can never be over emphasis as more and more gadgets are now using mobile OS to functions couple with the alarming rate at which people are now using mobile to access the internet.

Get 60% increased rate of returning customers due to APP present in their mobile from Android and iOS.

Developing a mobile apps for your opencart store website can be a daunting task and very expensive most especially if you don’t have a basic knowledge of programming or how it works. But that use to be an old story we now have premium opencart mobile apps extension that one can easily install and set some configuration and you are done

Mobile App gets ready for your store in 20 minutes and just need few new files uploaded. No core file overwritten. It takes your existing opencart configuration and database and yet is fully customizable as independent APP. You don’t have to do anything extra to make this APP live.

Advanced your E-commerce store by building an iOS and Android APP with opencartmobileapp.com. Kodecude who are the pillar behind opencartmobileapp.com allows you to easily create an iOS and Android apps for your website using their premium extension.

Benefits of using opencartmobileapp.com to turn your website into mobile app on Android and IOS

  • Plug N Play
  • Seamless Integration
  • Support All  Categories, Products, Tags and other attributes
  • E-commerce Boost Setup
  • Professional Designs and Layout
  • Superb customer support

Head over to www.opencartmobileapp.com now to get started

You can choose between plan to either create an Android or IOS App which cost $1500 each or go for the double that creates Android and IOS app in one.


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